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100 Years War, France and England

egan in 1337 when King Edward III invaded Normandy and ended in 1453 when France won the Battle of Bordeaux. However, it was not a hundred years of constant battle; there were periods of truces in b ... ruges, Antwerp and Ypres were naturally coveted by the Kings of France and England. Moreover, the Bordeaux harbor was within the borders of English Gascony and was the center of the shipping and tr ...

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Why there was stalemate on the Western Front by December 1914.

ust east of the city. They got within 32 kilometers of Paris, as the French government retreated to Bordeaux, yet closer they got the slower they went. This was thanks to several problems, including p ...

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Character description of the shipman (general prologue)

wn;397 And certainly he was a good fellow.398 Full many a draught of wine he'd drawn, I trow,399 Of Bordeaux vintage, while the trader slept.400 Nice conscience was a thing he never kept.401 If that h ... But "of nice conscience took he no keep," and he's not above watering down the wine he brings from Bordeaux for men like the Merchant and the Tradesmen. He's not averse to killing either, sending his ...

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e was widespread support in France for the restoration of the Bourbons, and when Wellington entered Bordeaux to be met by crowds of people shouting "vive le roi" (long live the king) it convinced the ...

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Radicalism Within the Leveller and Ormée

successful existence.Both radical in their times, the Levellers of England and the Ormée of Bordeaux, France shared a number of core beliefs that included popular sovereignty, the abolishment ... in becoming a national force is unknown. Though they were able to erect their form of government in Bordeaux, they were unable to reach beyond its borders.Also, significantly different, were their pla ...

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