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outhern and eastern Iberia. Rome, however, already occupied these areas and raised the dispute over border control. This dispute lead to the Punic Wars. Rome was victorious and began the conquest of S ...

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U.S. Borders in the Twenty-First Century

A border security bill presented in May of 2002 boosts the pay of border patrol agents as well as auth ... in the U.S. for some time, and it is not easy to get a handle on terrorism as a whole, working the borders is prevalent to creating a safe nation. That is why there is a great deal of rhetoric surrou ... reating a safe nation. That is why there is a great deal of rhetoric surrounding the problem of lax border control in the United States today.The problem of the border is significant in looking at the ...

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Embrace Immigration

" If anything, immigrants are an immense boon to U.S. economic prosperity.The prevention of illegal border-crossing and other immigration restrictions are often referred to as solutions to improving o ... notions are ill-conceived and based solely on speculation. In fact, most immigrants don't cross the border illegally to begin with. According to the Department of Homeland Security, "Around 75% of tod ...

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Economic effects on soveriegnt

gh the conflation of territoriality and economics. The problem lies with characterizations of trans-border economic flows.Questions related to trans-border control, as opposed to purely domestic issue ... national boundaries have changed across time and over countries. (Krasner 86) The question of trans-border flows of information, ideas, and culture will be dealt with below. At issue here is how econo ...

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Looking to the Future: Iris Scan Technology

6;s rapidly evolving society.With the ever growing concerns over national security, immigration and border control, as well as plain old identity theft, many governments including the United Kingdom a ...

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east india company

rd North's India Bill, also known as the Regulating Act of 1773, provided for greater parliamentary control over the affairs of the Company, besides placing India under the rule of a Governor-General. ...

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