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Thoughts and Notes on Dicken's portrait of Industrial Society in his novel "Hard Times" by Charles Dickens. Good starting point. Includes quotes + refs which may be helpful.

Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life" (p.9)- Also apparent in the characterisations of Gradgrind, Bounderby and Bitzer.- Gradgrind is the head of the school, and aims to extrapolate any sense of ima ... cy.Sissy Jupe ends up being better off than Gradgrind's daughter Louisa, who is roped into marrying Bounderby, because it is the factual thing to do.Class Division is also evident in "Hard Times"Louis ...

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Thomas Gradgrind Junior

fection to his sister by calling her "Loo" and not Louisa. So he has not grown up to be as harsh as Bounderby, although he sometimes flatters his sister for his own profit or benefit (I don't know how ... don't know how to explain. I just think so. It can also be said that when Tom started working in Mr.Bounderby's bank (of course because of his sister) he thought that he would manipulate the old banke ...

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Compare and Contrast the role of Character and Characterization in the novels 'Hard Times' and 'Love on the Dole'

sider. He provides a bleak contrast to the earlier characters in the novel. As in of the "Hands" in Bounderby's factory, Stephen lives a life of drudgery and poverty. In spite of the hardships of his ... es the intricate details of real people; we can relate to him. His poverty and virtue contrast with Bounderby's wealth and self-interest. Stephen is the only "Hand" who refuses to join a workers' unio ...

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Charles Dickens' Hard Times: A Look At Then And Now.

d over confidence of business has our world living in a modern Hard Times.In Hard Times we meet Mr. Bounderby. Bounderby is man who rose from rags to riches through the use of Capitalism. He has no pr ... pects people to act reasonable and real, never to be disillusioned with hopes and dreams.Modern day Bounderbys exist today. For instance Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and the Hiltons, they all rose to pow ...

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Response To Charles Dickens' Character Steven Blackpool From The Novel Hard Times.

lization. He was portrayed just like a common worker was during this time. He was shown no mercy as Bounderby continuously judged him by his class rather than personality. He was pitied by Louisa who ... ate than they were.Steven Blackpool was a hero in Charles Dicken's novel Hard Times. He stood up to Bounderby, a capitalist, high class, pig, but paid the price with his life. He fought for change, on ...

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Utilitariansim and Dickens' Hard Times What is utilitarianism and who embodies it in this novel? What other aspects of English society is Dickens criticizing?

sions may not be the best ones. Although Louisa's response to the marriage proposal was: "Since Mr. Bounderby likes to take me thus, let it be so" (p 112). Though Louisa clearly lacked any sentiment c ... ing unhappiness, there are other ways in which utilitarianism may go astray. Dickens' character Mr. Bounderby exemplifies how striving for happiness can easily be perverted to striving for personal ga ...

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