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The BCS is the collusion to attain more money-spelled out in game theory. (Purely Opinion)

(Purely Opinion) The Bowl Championship Series of Bowl Games system to decide the collegiate national football champion ha ... d for what it is, the collusion between the five major conferences for a bigger share of the annual bowl profits by squeezing sponsors promising a more competitve game than in years past. By legitimiz ... Poll would each pick their own number one and number 2 team and have them play in their respective bowl games and if they won won the championship. As it may already seem this caused major problems w ...

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Should There be a Playoff in College Football ?

Hein� PAGE �4� On January 8th No. 1 Ohio State will meet No. 2 Florida in the Bowl Champion Series National championship in Scottsdale Arizona but would that be the case if these ... BCS system and how a playoff would come about. I hit the jackpot when I found an article called The Bowl Championship Series: A Mathematical Review which gave me everything I wanted to know about the ...

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College football-bcs

College Football: Who Is Really No. 1 At the conclusion of each college football season the Bowl Alliance selects the nation?s top football teams to play in select bowls. The way the Bowl Alli ... on?s top football teams to play in select bowls. The way the Bowl Alliance selects who plays in the bowls, and because college football does not have a championship series, like college basketball, a ...

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Abolish the Bowl Championship Series

t that does not have a playoff system to determine its national champion. Instead, they utilize the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) to pair the top two teams in one national championship game, with the ... resented enforces why a college play-off system is the best way to declare a true national champion.Bowl games have been a proud tradition of college football for many years and each bowl has affiliat ...

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Compare and Contrast: The BCS vs. A Playoff System

1� James Anderson Jr.Dr. BrooksENC1101-67581March 9, 2010The BCS vs. A PlayoffAs long as the Bowl Championship Series has existed; its methods, match-ups, and motives have been shroud in contro ... a entered the postseason ranked a close second to Michigan and accepted a bid to play in the Orange Bowl against the third ranked University of Tennessee Volunteers and Peyton Manning. Nebraska conque ...

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The Changing Landscape of College Football

olving sport. From the creation of the sport in the early twentieth century to the formation of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) in 1998, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has alwa ... ams is the minimum requirement to have a conference championship game at the end of the year before bowl season starts. So is the future of college football fewer yet larger conferences, or will most ...

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College Football

ver many teams do not get a chance to be considered for a National Championship game or let alone a bowl game. The Bowl Championship Series, popularly known as the BCS, has been used since 1998 in col ... being biased. The last factor in determining who plays in the National Championship game or even a bowl game is the Harris Interactive Poll which is made up of 115 members all voting on the different ...

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