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Book report: "The Mystery at the Dog Show."

Henry Alden and his little brother, Benny Alden and sisters, Jessie Alden and Violet Alden were Boxcar Children. They used to live alone in a boxcar (it looks like a mobile home) which they found ... champion dog, Sunny, invited them to a dog show at Greenfield. When they went to the dog show, the Boxcar Children met all kinds of dogs, from a spotted Dalmation to a big, hairy sheepdog. After the ...

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A House Is Not Their Home

but the appeal of a life in the woods is hard to consider. However, the idea is not irrational. The Boxcar Children and Henry Thoreau, mentioned in Barbara Lazear Ascher's essay, "The Box Man," may be ... e the adventurous and heroic story of Robin Hood. Ascher describes her favorite childhood book, The Boxcar Children, in her essay and the children seem to have an adventurous regime. She writes that t ...

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