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Boyz in the Hood Movie Review

ng>Boyzng> N the Hood is a film about the struggles and adversity young African-American youths must conqu ...

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A Generation Set Aside

ety. Tomorrow, however, we will wonder the same.I believe movies such as Clerks, Reality Bites, and ng>Boyzng> N the Hood accurately portray the "Misunderstood Generation." All of these movies deal with rea ...

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Kids, The Movie

only a negative substitute for proper guidance. For example, everyone can identify with the plot of ng>Boyzng> "˜N the Hood. Tre escapes all of the violence and drugs because of his father, while the o ...

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Review of John Singleton's Movie Boyz N’ the Hoo

John Singleton?s movie, ?ng>Boyzng> N? the Hood? tries to show what it?s like to live in the hood in inner-city America. There are ... r not. In the society in the hood, most of the time you have to shoot first or risk being shot. In ?ng>Boyzng> N? The Hood?, Furious Styles (Laurence Fishburne) notices and then preaches why there are gun s ... would go out looking for the killer themselves most likely already knowing who it is. The part in ?ng>Boyzng> N? The Hood? where Ricky Barker (Morris Chestnut) gets shot and killed by a small gang, that ve ...

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