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in humans is not completely understood, but Ritalin presumably activates the arousal system of the brain stem and the cortex to produce its stimulant effect. Recently, the frequency of diagnosis for ...

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Multiple Sclerosis.

es thisworse by repairing it, and clogging the area with scar tissue. Signals goingfrom your brain and brain stem, such as muscle coordination signals or visualsensation signals, are slowed ... ,the first test done is an MRI -- Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner. Thistest maps out your brain and looks for areas that have been scarred over, or'plaques', and usually takes an hour. W ...

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ates. Three closely related viruses cause polio. In serious cases Polio attacks the spinal cord and brain stem and eventually causes paralysis. In Polio the muscular, brain and nervous systems are aff ...

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The Meaning Of Dreams

eep. The article suggested that dreaming consists of association and memories elicited from the forebrain in response to random signals from the brain stem. Dreams also resulted from order that was im ... eam association and memories.Dream is said to consist of association and memories elicited from the brain. I often have dreams about recurring events that happened in my youth. I believe that dreams o ...

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DrugsMost of the drugs that people abuse have their effect on the limbic system of the brain. The limbic system is located deep within the brain near the top of the brain stem. The limbic ... eling that we become psychologically addicted to a drug.Within the limbic system, drugs work on the brain by way of neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals which allow our nerve cells t ... class of drugs called stimulant drugs will usually make more a neurotransmitter(s) available to the brain. The class known as depressant drugs will usually make less of a neurotransmitter(s) available ...

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Compare and contrast the negative feedback regulation of blood pressure via short- term mechanisms and long-term mechanisms.

ork to manipulate volume. First I will discuss the short-term mechanisms. There are reflexes at the brain stem (medulla) level that regulate blood pressure. One example of this is the body's fight or ...

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Nervous System.

perfect forcarrying the electrical messages that are the "language"of the nervous system.Brain.The brain is the command center of your entire body. The brain is the body's main informati ... ntire body. The brain is the body's main information center. It is made of billions of neurons. The brain helps the body respond to the information it receives from the senses. The brain also processe ...

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

tes each year. A study in the Journal of American Medical Association reveals an abnormality in the brain stem that impairs a baby's ability to regulate breathing.An eight-year study led by Dr. Hannah ... ulate breathing.An eight-year study led by Dr. Hannah Kinney at Children's Hospital Boston compared brain autopsy data from 31 infants who died of SIDS with 10 who died of other causes between 1997 an ...

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e sensaions travel along the main nerves to the medulla, at the very top of the spinal cord, in the brain stem.The information from the sense of smell that is active before and during eating, travels ... f a substance to activate the sense of taste than it does to trigger the sense of smell. The brain makes judgements about this experience deciding if the food is good or bad. Taste tends ...

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Brain Structures and their functions

Anatomy and Physiology IBrain Structures and Their FunctionsThe human brain is a complex organ comprised of 13 structures al ... ion, thoughts, reasoning and sensations begin with the flow of signals from the spinal cord via the brain stem and onward to the brain. Each and every structure of the brain must work together in pass ... l fissure, Right Cerebral hemisphere, left cerebral hemisphere, cerebellum, thalamas, hypothalamus, brain stem, midbrain, pons and medulla oblongata.The cerebrum, also referred to as the cortex, is th ...

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No Mommy, I'm Alive

as many people in an outrage. When a woman figures out that she is pregnant, the baby already has a brain stem and heart beat. The baby is alive inside. Women are allowed up to six months in pregnancy ...

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y have to be symbolic pictures or unconscious wishes, as Freud believed, or random images caused by brain signals. Experts now believe that dreams are so closely related to our waking lives that we ca ... his colleague J. Allen Hobson, M.D. have created a new model of dreaming. Numerous sections of the brain aid in dreaming, but they have concluded that it is a bottom-up process which is triggered by ...

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Upper and Lower motor neurons

Upper motor neurons and lower motor neurons act to carry nerve impulses from the brain out to the muscles in the body.Upper motor neurons supply input to the lower motor neurons. Th ... lower motor neuron. The upper motor neurons originate in the motor region of the cerebral cortex or brainstem. The neurons from the cerebral cortex are important for planning, initiating, and directin ... cortex are important for planning, initiating, and directing voluntary movements. Neurons from the brainstem help to regulate muscle tone, control postural muscles, and help maintain balance and orie ...

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