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Has 'Majority rule' in South Africa brought with it the 'tyranny of the majority?'

1994). Thus it was that the period 'Apartheid', meaning, quite literally 'apartness', came about. (Bratton, 2000). But as it became clearer and clearer that minority rule was not a possible solution ... la would not insist on a winner-take-all solution and would respect minority (i.e, white) rights." (Bratton, 2000). A few basic points were agreed upon; the principle of one person, one vote, and the ...

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HRM- job analysis and design

y to be described, differentiated, and evaluated consistently if accurate information is available (Bratton and Gold, 1999). Moreover, the design and redesign of jobs becomes more readily accessible.B ... s a job structure that permits some social interaction and a degree of cooperation amongst workers (Bratton et al, 2000).D. Design of the Human Resource Officer.When determining whether the position o ...

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Performance Related Pay

advantages, that human resources activities need to be integrated with the corporate strategy...' (Bratton & Gold, 1994, p5) Human resource management has become an important tool in today's busi ... ; R. Evenden (1989): Human Aspects of Management, 2nd Edition, Trowbridge, Dotesios Printers Ltd.3. Bratton.J&J.Gold (1994): Human Resource Management Theory and Practice London,4. Kinnie N& D ...

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European Monetary Union

a-tion?1.1 Economic IntegrationAlready while the Second World War 44 nations signed the contract of Bratton Woods, which should guarantee a stable currency system with fixed exchange rate. Later the " ... Werner, had the idea of a European currency. However the idea was too early. First the contract of Bratton Woods had to get in trouble in order to make something going on.Since the collapse of Bratto ...

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Human Resources Management

is to analyze the HR Strategy of CapGemini during the merger according to the Resource Based model (Bratton and Gold, 1999) of SHRM and what were the issues raised due to non-consideration of stakehol ... ugmenting a committed workforce at the organization.2.2.METHODOLOGYCapelli and Singh (1992 cited in Bratton and Gold, 1999) envision a coming 'marriage' between business strategy and HRM strategy base ...

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Perspective on Environmental Issues

ideas. They believe there are other possible answers, to environmental issues, than just their own (Bratton, 1995). Clear wording, to aid in a clear understanding, is imperative in order to bring dive ... r two, I would rather that something/anything was being done rather than seemingly nothing.ResourcesBratton, Susan Power PhD, 1995. Distinctive Responsibilities for the Environment. Retrieved on Febru ...

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What's Wrong With Criminal Justice Research and How to Make it Right

t to their actual work and derogatory toward police work in general. In making this argument, Chief Bratton claims that for the last half of the 20th century, crime researchers and practitioners disag ... ver, while most research seems to play down the role of police officers in controlling crime, Chief Bratton argues that his experience has shown him that police officers can control and change behavio ...

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