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All about the universe.

to their luminosity, spectral type, color, temperature and evolutionary stage. In this diagram, the brightest stars lie near the top of the diagram and the hottest stars lie to the left. On the H-R di ... galaxies are like satellites to the Milky Way and it can easily be seen by the naked eye with their brightest stars able to be seen by a small telescope. The Milky Way is much larger than the Megallan ...

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The Next Generation in the NBA

The Next Generation in the NBAEventually, the NBA's brightest stars will fade from the sky. Great players come and go. Most new players wait, ready to c ...

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The Economic Miracles Between the Biggest Big Country and the Biggest Small Country

the war's shadow and started their economic restorations. In Asia, China and Japan became two most brightest stars which famous on their economic growth. By the end of 2000, China has become the larg ...

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Celine Dion

in the American charts, recording English versions of her hits. Céline has become one of the brightest stars in the world of pop music. Who would have imagined that this Quebec born girl would ...

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Passing by the Past; A look at the importance of the Ghost of Christmas Past in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

Stargazers know when looking up at the sky, some of the brightest stars have been extinct for thousands of years, yet their light is just reaching us now. A ...

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Astronomy - The Sun

s believe this fact. In actual, the sun is white and could be regarded by astronomers as one of the brightest stars in the galaxy in present time (eighty five percent brighter than most other stars in ...

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