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The study of Victims of Crime.

). Much of the work so far has been done by VSS (Victims Support Schemes), which started in 1974 in Bristol to fill a gap in provision for those involved with crime. It was started by the National Ass ... the National Association of Victim Support Schemes. NAVSS). It began life as a local initiative in Bristol in 1974, Victim Support grew dramatically within the following decades (Rock 1990). It's aff ...

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History of John Locke

eir thoughts*The actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughtsJohn Locke was born near Bristol, England, on August 29, 1632; and was educated at Westminster School, where Dryden was his c ...

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Explain how and why Ickworth House, including the park and gardens, has changed since the building of the house started in 1795.

ouse.In 1795 building of Ickworth House began, at this time, Frederick Augustus Hervey, 4th Earl of Bristol (AKA The Earl Bishop) owned Ickworth House. The Earl Bishop had big ideas for Ickworth house ... wings were still being built. In 1821, The Earl Bishop's son, Frederick William Hervey (5th Earl of Bristol), took over the building of Ickworth House. The 5th Earl of Bristol thought that his fathers ...

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Rouge Male by Geoffrey Household

The author of Rouge Male is Geoffrey Household. He was born in Bristol, and he went to Clifton College from 1914-1919. He also attended Magdalen College where he g ...

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Effects of Black Death on mid-14th century European society.

interaction needed to create a society? As people fell to the disease, the strength of cities like Bristol died The social structure was also hurt by the loosening of morals. Many people drank and be ...

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What factors drew people away from the British Isles and towards the New World? Did the attractions of the New World live up to their promise?

o there and whether it was as good as they would first have hoped. It will be proved, by the use of Bristol shipping records, that the bulk of people that emigrated from Britain to the Americas' went ... nts. Using primary source documentation pertaining to the numbers of indentured people shipped from Bristol between 1654-1686, it shows records for 10573 having left the port within this time period. ...

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The ethics of the Bristol Heart Enquiry

The interesting point about the Bristol case, was that the original whistleblower, Professor Stephen Bolsin, who tried to gain conse ... ollowing a public inquiry that subsequently exposed wrong-doing and poor clinical governance at the Bristol Royal Infirmary. The two surgeons at the centre of the Bristol case were found guilty, one w ... ures on babies for three years. The Hospital was found to have failed their patients and the United Bristol Healthcare Trust's chief executive John Roylance's career was in jeopardy. The enquiry was o ...

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Decisions of the street: "Smack" by Melvin Burgess

strong. These two teenagers run away from home and live in abandoned houses called squats in 1980's Bristol, England. Here on the streets, Tar and Gems meet a great deal of interesting people, and are ...

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Design of communication systems

their existing branch hospitals in Birmingham and Glasgow and the soon commissioned new hospital at Bristol. Our company must consider the large requirements of this particular health company, and pro ... to Manchester via an E1 serial link , the same link will be established for the connection between Bristol and Birmingham, Manchester will be connected to Birmingham through a Metro Ethernet link and ...

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Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac, Erwin Schrodinger And Quantum Physics

died in 1961. Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac was a British theoretical physicist who was born in Bristol, England in 1904. He attended Bristol and Cambridge universities. From 1932 to 1969, he held ...

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The Sign

e a few years ago when the city of Bluff City decided to annex the strip of highway stretching from Bristol to Johnson City. This road is better known as Bristol highway. The sole purpose of this anne ...

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