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Richard the LionHeart

ard I, nicknamed Lionhearted. He was born on September 8th, 1157 and he later died on April 6, 1199(Britannica, Vol 10, p.43). He was the third son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitane (Dictionary of t ... ckname LionHeart (which in French, would be Coeur de Lion) due to his incredible amount of courage (Britannica, Vol 10, p.43). There are actually two variations of his nickname; 'lionheart' and 'lionh ...

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Pro-Choice For Abortion - an opinion essay.

a chicken, or a seed a plant. If human life begins at conception then why does the Encyclopedia of Britannica say that abortion is, "The expulsion of a fetus from the uterus before it had reached the ...

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Motzart's life.

ooks, New York] He was considered a musical genius. [Introduction, Life, Music, Evaluation, (2002),, http://www.Britannica. com.eb/]; [World Book, Inc. (1987) Vol. 13, "Mozart ... mom died on the family family trip to Paris in 1787 (Introduction, Life, Music, Evaluation, (2002),, His father didn't die until 1787. (Mozart ...

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Democratization Theories Developed by Moore, Rueschemeyer, and Collier.

Democracy defined by Britannica's on-line Encyclopedia is a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people ... Working Class and Elite in Western Europe and South America, Cambridge University Press,

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Boston Tea Party.

threw them overboard. The Boston Tea Party marked the first act of open resistance to British rule (Britannica p1). The Boston Tea Party alone was not the main event that brought America its independe ... ment because they had no representation. Parliament eventually eliminated all taxes expect for tea (Britannica 2).The colonists organized boycotts renouncing tea. Many replaced tea with coffee or cont ...

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Final Paper for International Business, Complete Country report on Slovenia.

inhabitants. The population counting at 1,930,132 has a density of 95 persons per square kilometer (Britannica). 52 percent of all population lives in urban areas and the rest in rural areas throughou ... nited List, the Slovenian National Party, the Democratic Party of Slovenia, and Greens of Slovenia (Britannica).Slovenia's dissatisfaction with the Yugoslav federation grew during the 1980s, with incr ...

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This is an essay on the culture of Argrntina and what life is like in Argentina.

ns among cultures is attributable to such factors as differing physical habitats and resources...".(britannica 2)Argentina, officially known as the Argentine Republic, has a very diverse culture. Befo ... om my very own.Works Cited:1. Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary . :2. "Culture." Encyclopedia Britannica. Version Ready Reference . 2003.3. Lewis , Daniel K.. The History of Argentina. Westport ...

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Down Syndrome

rome, a chromosome abnormality is present in all ethnicity, social economic classes, and gender. In, Down Syndrome is defined as a "congenital disorder by an extra chromosome on the chr ...

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Nationalism Research Paper

The definition of Nationalism in Britannica is a modern movement (1). Nationalism is just like a family, it is held together by a se ... ar, Peter F. Nationalism in Eastern Europe. Seattle, University of Washington Press, 1969.www.britannica.com

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e process or the technique of making blood tissue grow in a culture medium out side the organism." (Britannica 2002 Standard Edition, CD ROM). This technique of tissue culture can be performed in both ... rsed containing the cells and then it is incubated at the temperature close to the natural tissue. (Britannica 2002 Standard Edition, CD ROM).The technique of tissue culture was first done in 1907 by ...

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Abortion Rights or WRONGS?

Paper"Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by loss or destruction of the fetus before birth."(Britannica, 35) Abortion is a murderous act on innocent human beings that have the right to live. Th ... he embryo's failure to develop or genetic or biochemical incompatibility of the mother and fetus." (Britannica, 35) "If fetal death occurs at 20 weeks or more after the last menstrual period, it is te ...

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Biographalical Analyasis of "A Good Man is Hard to Find" by Flannery O'Connor.

rote many short stories that were "concerned with the relationship between the individual and God" (Britannica). This also connects to her wanted to share with the others the importance of appreciatin ... ood Man is Hard to Find." "O'Connor's own words, the 'religious consciousness without a religion'" (Britannica) demonstrate that she wanted the religion theme in her stories to be recognized. T ...

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The Demi-Devil (Iago) An indepth look at Iago as Satan

Satan and put him in the form of Iago. Satan has the ability to enter into man and act through him (Britannica "Satan"). In the play, Satan has entered Iago, and is testing these humans for entrance t ... utilize them.One of Satan's purposes is that G-d allows him to conduct in tests of humans ("Satan" Britannica). Satan, in the form of Iago, is set forth to test the goodness of humanity in the play. ...

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Was the Treaty of Versailles Fair Towards the Germans?

lles fair towards the Germans?MethodI will use the history text book, and online encyclopedia, like Britannica, to help find facts and information that's not bias. Still I might have to explore more w ...

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Should a Deep Ecologist be a Vegetarian?

o ideologies.Generally, one chooses to be a vegetarian for ethical, ascetic or nutritional reasons (Britannica 2001 CD-Rom). There is no reason why a deep ecologist should have any ascetic or nutritio ... retrieved 29 September 2004 from Britannica Standard Edition (CD Rom), 2001.Fallon, S. & Enig, M. 2004, 'Guts and Grease - The Di ...

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A Report on The GMD and The Chinese Civil War

elevant information and used modern language. The info in this book was much better then the others.Britannica - Sometimes a little too much information to fend through but all in all at times very us ... ommunist VictoryReferenceFrom Manchu to Mao A History of Modern China by Koutsoukis - Published 1992Britannica - Published 1997Mao and the Struggle for China By Heinemann - Published ...

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Marketing Paper

eally not into football watched the super bowl to check out the commercials.Marketing is defined by Britannica Ready Reference 2003 as: "Activities that direct the flow of goods and services from prod ... marketing a part of my life and everyday endeavors is one that will keep with me forever.Reference: Britannica Encyclopedia. Retrieved online March 20, 2006 at: Retrie ...

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This is a paper on Boethius and his contribution to Philosophy

born in Rome to a very great and influential family. He was born sometime between 475 and 477 A.D.(Britannica 2006). This was about the time of the desposition of the last Roman Emperor Romulus Augus ... er. Symmachus not only became his father in law, but was his friend up until Boethius was executed (Britannica 2006).Due to the fact that Boethius was born to a great family, raised by a greater famil ...

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This is a paper on Moses Maimonides and his contributions to not only Philosophy but medicine as well.

Moses Maimonides was born in Cordoba Spain on March 30 1135 (Britannica 2006). Spain at this time was being ruled by a Mohammedan sect named the Moravides. The M ... can see the great intellect of Maimonides. This work took Maimonides around ten years to complete (Britannica 2006). Many Jews accepted this text and thanked Maimonides for writing it. There were als ... nd Its History. NewYork, NY: William Morrow and Co.Maimonides, Moses. (2006). In Encyclopædia Britannica. RetrievedDecemberDecember 1111, 2006, from Encyclopædia Britannica Onlinehttp://ww ...

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Robert Browning

to do with my life. I attended classes at the University of London, but left after half a session. (Britannica's Robert Browning). In 1833, I published anonymously "Pauline: A Fragment of Confession". ...

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