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Paradise Regained, the little known sequel of Paradise Lost. Very well written with a Christian perspective, includes many quotes.

Most readers of British Literature do not know of the obscure poem about the struggle to retake the world from the g ...

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A persuasive book report. The book: The Eleventh Commandment by jeffery archer.

f schooling, students should have input as to what literature is used. One suggestion for a work of British literature to be used is Jeffrey Archer's The Eleventh Commandment. With the author's person ... f the gate, the book draws the reader in like a child in a candy store. Unlike many of the works of British Literature, The Eleventh Commandment uses the tactic of a hastened pace to attract readers, ...

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The phrase "Carpe Diem" in the two poems "To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time," by Robert Herrick, and "To His Coy Mistress" by Andrew Marvell.

ss" by Andrew Marvell.Robert Herrick's, "To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time" is a popular poem in British literature, that professes a common universal moral. The first two lines read, "Gather ye ro ...

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Times of Change in British Literature.

Times of Change in British LiteratureBritish literature from 1785 through the WWI era was characterized by change, refo ...

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The Themes in the Aboriginal.

does not exist", he indicates that Indian literature should be independent, but not as a branch of British literature."I admitted that I had begun to find this strange term, 'commonwealth literature, ... commonwealth literature. The essential of commonwealth is racial problems, the countries which were British colonies be treated specially. The literatures of these countries are grouped in commonwealt ...

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This is a Five page paper that discusses the usage of Contemporary Allusions in British Literature. It's a good one.

e disadvantage that the modern reader may not be familiar with these individuals, examples from the British literature will show that contemporary biographical references strengthen these works. When ... al, and historical. But, of these allusions, the one that, over time, became the preeminent form in British Literature was the historical allusion. Contrary to popular belief, an historical allusion d ...

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Misogyny in British Literature

ogyny, hostility towards women, is a prominent theme that goes through the period of Renaissance in British literature. Unveiling the thread of misogyny entails a closer look at satire, the literary f ...

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Brief Biography of John Steinbeck

ith stories and poems. In the year of 1919 he enrolled at Stanford University, taking classical and British literature, writing courses, and also even science classes. After his schooling at the unive ...

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Beowulf: A hero that grew with fame and died with honor

ro, battled the dragon and at the same time his destiny. He is the mighty king of the Geats, in the British Literature poem "Beowulf". Beowulf is an epic hero who reflects the values and heroic ideals ...

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Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre"

ng genders, family, passion, and identity. It is unambiguously one of the most celebrated novels in British literature.Born in 1816, Charlotte Bronte was the third daughter of Patrick Bronte, an ambit ...

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e people and were practiced amongst each other. Beowulf's character is extremely important in early British literature. Beowulf was the son of Edgetho, and a nephew of a king named Higlac. He w ...

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Jill Raimonde British Literature 110 10/20/01 Anger in Othello In the Shakespearian play Othello; the most ...

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John Donne And English Literature

Just as there are a thousand parts that make up the whole of the "tradition of British literature," there are a thousand different angles from which to view that tradition. One ca ... on, the works of John Donne make a particularly revealing place from which to view the tradition of British literature.,p> As far as the poetry of John Donne is concerned, it lies squarely within t ...

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The World of the Supernatural, the Romance and the Psychological Extremes.

al, and the mind's eye. His writings were powerful, and ingenious. This poem, starting the world of British Romantic Literature, also opened up the world to the Supernatural, the Romance, and the Psyc ... sterious, the grotesque, the supernatural, and the mind's eye of powerful and ingenious writings of British Literature. This poem started the world of British Romantic literature, as it would also hav ...

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The Time Traveller and the Time Machine

farms and occasional market towns. It had become the principal manufacturing nation in the world.In British history, the country had never been richer and stronger than this time.A wide range of new i ... l God began to seem mere superstition, left over from an earlier, more credulous age.A good deal of British literature of the period 1880 to 1914 attempts either to dramatize the spiritual void create ...

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“The World is Too Much With Us” by Wordsworth

stablished guidelines, William Wordsworth's obscure way of writing this poem left a major impact on British Literature for future generations of writers.

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Deciphering the Stranger

Deciphering the Stranger: The Role of the Foreigner in British Literature America, the strongest, most powerful nation in the world, the bright bea ... l, establishing multiple new protectorates in each of the four hemispheres, it soon became clear to British policy-makers that, if they hoped to manage and continue this greedy global conquest, they w ... rvention. This idea is exemplified particularly well, I think, by Henry Morton Stanley, the eminent British journalist and explorer, who, in a speech delivered to the Manchester Chamber of Commerce in ...

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The Traditional British Character as Made New by D.H. Lawrence in "Daughters of the Vicar"

In choosing images and characters that were traditional in both eighteenth and nineteenth century British literature, D.H. Lawrence creates a modern method of approaching literary themes. As he twis ... rs are truly "new."Works CitedLawrence, D.H. "Daughters of the Vicar." Studies in Twentieth Century BritishLiterature Before 1945 Course Reader. Compiled by Mary Ann Gillies and Aurelea Mahood. Simon ...

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Significance of Religion to Romantic Poets

.William Blake is described as "rebellious, unconventional, [and] fiercely idealistic." (Masters of British Literature 48) The debates centering around the Romantic Era include imagination and inspira ... initiative in taking the time to smell the roses.Works CitedBlake, William. "The Lamb." Masters of British Literature Vol. B. Damrosch, David, and Dettmar, Kevin J H, eds. New York: Longman, 2008. 55 ...

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Compare and contrast the sisters in “Sense and Sensibility” to the sisters in “The Daughters of the Late Colonel.”

British Literature Examination 8Gilbert Lainez Student Number 1053244Compare and contrast the sister ... Colonel. Btitish Literature. Boston: Pearson Custom Publishing, 2007.Szany, Linda. Study Guide for British Literature. Lasing, Illinois: American School, 2007.

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