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why do we remember James Cook?

n ships that carried coal to English ports. In 1755, during the French - Indianwar, Cook joined the British navy. In 1759 he was given a dangerous wartime mission.He was to enter French territory and ... angerous wartime mission.He was to enter French territory and survey the St. Lawrence river for the British navy.The charts that he made during this voyage contributed to the capture of the French cit ...

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The Pacific War...Just about anything that happened in the Pacific War and Why.

ers. U-boat defense primarily required many small, fast escort vessels. Then too, almost the entire British Navy was deployed in the Atlantic. Thus, American offensive naval power, especially the fast ... nation with powerful Allies. Strategic decisions had to be argued and agreed to by the American and British chiefs of staff, and, on occasion, even by President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Ch ...

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Compare and contrast the War of 1812 and the Mexican-American War.

roblem because of their definition of "contraband" and the impressment of American sailors into the British Navy. And around this time the "warhawks" are elected to the House of Representatives. They ... d this time the "warhawks" are elected to the House of Representatives. They wanted war because the British were supplying the Indian with guns and ammunition and encouraging Indian trouble.William He ...

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Tensions between the French and English speaking Canadians.

vices Bill occurred from 1909-1910. English Canadians wanted to send money to England to supportthe British navy, whereas the differing French Canadians did not want to send the money. Laurier once ag ... rought tensions betweenthe French and English Canadians because the English speaking Canadians were British and the British people were in the war. Yet, the French speaking Canadians did not want to p ...

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John Paul Jones.

anded before he was the captian of the bonnehome richard was 2 slave ships, 3 mershant ships, and 1 British Navy ship. On one of his voiages he was accused for murder. He was sent to jail, but he coul ... nes did was tke it to france, there is where he would revounze with La Fayyet's ships to attack the British coast. The first atempt to reach London failed because there were strong winds that forced 3 ...

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Panic of 1819

United States, where the United States opposed the fact that Britain was forcing people to work on British Navy ships, blockading the European continent, and taking away many rights from them (tradin ...

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Winston Churchill

a new series of labor laws. In 1911 he was named First Lord of the Admiralty and presided over the British navy before the outbreak of World War I.In 1908 Churchill married Clementine Hozier. They ha ... ng and happy one.The Dardanelles expedition, a plan to outflank the Germans, was a disaster for the British military. It had been his idea and as a result Churchill lost his admiralty post in 1915 and ...

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What caused the War of 1812?

nd struggle over land. These three events caused fighting between Britain and the United States.The British passed a series of laws which allowed them to seize ships. While seizing American ships they ... ips. While seizing American ships they found British Navy men who had left and gone to America. The British impressed these "deserters" to serve on British war ships. This outraged the Americans becau ...

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World war 1 (cheat notes for test)

urbines.Plus they were also faster than any other warship and could reach speed of 21 knots.BY 1914 British Navy had 19 Dreadnoughts (13 under construction) compared to Germans 13 (7 under constructio ... eigned.The Germans had the best of exchanges, but Britain fleet was simply too large.German sank 14 British ships and lost 11 themselvesBoth sides dimmed to won the battle.On one hand Germans caused m ...

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Describe the British Empire and explain why maps of the world don't show the true size of countries.

British Empire was one of the greatest empires which had ever existed in the world. There are many r ... to build moats so that they would be surrounded by water. The island could be attacked only be sea, British navy was very strong, plus walls were built and cannons were put in case of a battle.While B ... richer and gained more power. It was last invaded in 1066. All the trading was transported by sea. British traveled to different countries invading them, creating colonies. The colonies at one stage ...

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The War of 1812

e and Britain were at war and tried to blockade American shipping. As a result of the blockade, the British seized 1000 American ships, and forced the American sailors to join the British Navy and Fra ... e British Navy and France seized 500 American ships. As the Americans continued expanding west, the British gave Native Americans weapons so that they can fight against Americans. In June of 1812, Jam ...

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Do you agree that Hitler was unlikely to win World War II because the Allies had greater resources? Explain your answer.

ile, the Allies never ran short of supplies and this contributed to their victory.Besides that, the British navy gained control of the seas gradually. They also placed a blockade on Germany, which lat ...

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Vitamin C

it could be used to prevent scurvy (a severe vitamin C deficiency, which is rarely seen today). The British Navy took his advice about 404 years later, taking lime juice on long sea voyages to ward of ...

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War Of 1812

t origins of the war were seizure of American ships, insults and injuries to American seamen by the British Navy, and rapid expansion of the American frontier. There were two forms of the British outr ... ne was the seizure and forced sale of merchant ships and their cargoes for supposedly violating the British blockade of Europe. Although France had declared a counter-blockade of the British Islands a ...

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The War Of 1812: America Vs. Britain

The weak ties between the new American nation and the European world toppled over when British and Indian actions made an infringement of American rights and beliefs. Such violations invo ... lion against the colonies. Although the Jefferson administration pleaded numerous times to have the British discontinue their unruly and unnecessary actions, the only rational resolution was war.The t ... y and unnecessary actions, the only rational resolution was war.The tension of war first began when British warships impressed hundreds of American seamen illegally. In England, Parliament decided tha ...

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The American Revolution

aused by the Revolution are examples of just how radical the revolution was. Before the revolution, British rule over the colonies was very oppressive. Many acts were imposed on the colonists, such as ... lonists were also upset by such things as the Quartering Act, which required them to house and feed British soldiers. Oppression of the colonists could also be seen when "Prime Minister George Greenvi ...

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George Rodger

ng a writer, but after graduating, he decided that he wanted to see the world. While serving in the British Merchant Navy, he taught himself photography in order to document his travels. Although none ... t of his later life.He moved to America during the height of the Great Depression after leaving the British Navy. Not suprisingly, he was unable to find work and soon returned to England where he star ...

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The Struggles of Olaudah Equiano

quiano's life and I think that it helped him get through some really hard times. He was bought by a British Naval officer and served in the British Navy during the Seven Years' War, he was then sold t ... his contraption was put on her head so she couldn't eat any of her master's food.Equiano served the British navy from 1958-1962 during the Seven Years War. In the hopes of being freed, Equiano gave al ...

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One in The Same: WWI + WWII Can WW2 be considered a continuation of WW1?

ess of industrialization in various starting in the middle of the 19th century started to challenge British supremacy in industry, finance, and shipping. The most radical of those was Germany. And asi ... oncern for Germany. He was the one who led the campaign of extensive shipbuilding to go against the British Navy. The Kaiser urged nationalism by the way that he thought of Germany and himself the gre ...

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Mock Trial Essay: Napoleon and The Enlightenment

07, the Milan Decree was passed which stated that any ship which traded or even been stopped by the British Navy was to be confiscated. French manufacturing was wholly unable to makeup for the loss of ...

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