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Summary of "Eragon", by Christopher Paolini

gon rider, ancient warriors who were slaughtered by Galbatorix in his rise to power. Accompanied by Brom, a mysterious storyteller of the village who knows much about dragon riders, magic and sword fi ... s they track down the Ra`zac for revenge.With the help of an old friend in the town known as Teirm, Brom is led to the conclusion that the Ra`zac are in Dras-Leona. However, they do not get revenge in ...

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s sounds like a situation I was in. Let me tell you a story about how I ended up with my "husband", Brom. The story goes something like this…""So I was at a party at my fathers house. At this p ... lip;""So I was at a party at my fathers house. At this party were two men, one big strong man named Brom Bones. The other was a man named Ichabod Crane. He was a tall scrawny man who was very sweet. T ...

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