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_Understanding the Obsession_, a psychological examination of the main character's sexual compulsions in Oshima's "In the Realm of the Senses".

on the historical story of the prostitute Sada's eventually murderous affair with the husband of a brothel owner he chose to present a story of an event embroiled with passion, obsession, deception a ... rief and spontaneous coupling, not of an unusual type for Kichi to effect with the employees of the brothel, takes on the pretext of an emotional attachment and soon evolves into an ever intensifying ...

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These essays are about the stories "A Little Cloud" and "Boarding House" from James Joyce's "Dubliners".

o foreshadowing. Referring to Mrs. Mooney as Madame brings to mind the idea of her as a Madame in a brothel. I am sure that Mrs. Mooney knew that having her daughter in close living quarters with many ...

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What are the views and attitudes towards love as presented by Ovid compared to other first century Roman poets?

ciety and respectability. In one of Plautus' comedies, a young and respectable man stands outside a brothel when his slave gives him the following advice:" From this place, no one bars you; no one sto ... ciety and respectability. In one of Plautus' comedies, a young and respectable man stands outside a brothel when his slave gives him the following advice:" From this place, no one bars you; no one sto ...

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Religion in Chronicle of a Death Foretold, evidence and examples on how the people of the community are hypocrites in their religion.

is visible all throughout the story: Santiago Nasar goes to greet the Bishop after returning from a brothel a few hours before.Evidence: "Bayardo San Roman didn't enter, but softly pushed his wife int ... bride is not a virgin, he returns her. She is beaten savagely, and her brothers are called from the brothel to come defend the family's honor. This hypocrisy of what they feel is sinful and what isn't ...

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Prostitution: 'One-woman brothels': How to deal with them?

e Hong Kong government. Up to the mid-1800s, there was no restriction on prostitution in Hong Kong. Brothels were established by business men and were operated commercially. Taxes were collected from ... men and were operated commercially. Taxes were collected from the businessmen. Later, in the 1860s, brothels were required to be licensed. In 1931, brothels were abolished, but the demand for prostitu ...

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icasso's, "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon", 1907 Paris, depicts five women, presumably prostitutes, in a brothel. They have been painted using arabesque line, but in arabesque color, unlike the Fauvists. T ...

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Picasso's Les Demoiselles D'Avignon

LES DEMOISELLES D'AVIGNONNude women in a brothel are the subjects of Pablo Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon from 1907. After showing his e ... ugh months leading up to the painting's making, Picasso struggled with the subject, five women in a brothel. He created more than on hundred sketches and preliminary paintings, fighting with the probl ... Rubin 49).The reason why Les Demoiselles d'Avignon was so rejected is not because of the theme of a brothel, which one might think, but because the aggressive and crude manner in which the women were ...

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The 1863 Draft Riots: New York City Under Siege

ax collectors, policemen and soldiers, urban transportation and communication lines, and waterfront brothel keepers (to name only some of the targets) as well as a bloody and grotesque race riot. (Ber ...

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Prostitution: Legal or Abolish?

e radical feminists position for abolishing the institution. A Dr. Maggie O'Neill would like to see brothel-keeping laws removed, so that women can work in environments with health and safety standard ... be easier for them to sue for damages caused by the violence against them. Lifting the laws against brothel keeping would improve prostitutes' circumstances by allowing them to work in safe, healthy e ...

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Beautifully Tormented "Lady Day"

she dropped out of school when she was only in the fifth grade, and got a job running errands in a brothel. Billie and her mother moved to Harlem, where she was arrested for prostitution. After livin ...

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Melodrama Novel

ut of control like when Hindley gambles all his money away and is drunk, and Red Butler goes to the brothel and gets drunk and gambles his money with some people in jail.Ø Scarlet O' Ha ...

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Analysis of the Character Development of Aunt Flavia: Short Stort Analysis

ctress is considered beautiful by most people, but Aunt Flavia sees her as someone who is fit for a brothel house. The fact that Aunt Flavia states her opinion so easily and does not have second thoug ...

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Immigration and Assimilation in Urban America, 1870-1900 DBQ

;unless he had waiting friends, [the immigrant] found no gateway open to him except the saloon, the brothel, the cheap lodging house and finally the ‘lock up’” (Document C).Steiner obse ...

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The World of Suzie Wong

s into a cheap local Wan Chai hotel. To his astonishment, Robert finds that the hotel is actually a brothel, and he also spots the girl from the ferry and learns that she is not a rich girl as she sai ...

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Melbournes Sin City

What impact has the sin had on Melbourne’s residents and development?The brothels that were built around the 1850’s were quite spectacular buildings, some of which stil ... to Melbourne from Bendigo and Ballarat. Poorer people thought they could gain a lot from setting up brothels, so that people who had found a lot of gold in the gold rush would come and spend it. Most ... other the poor and disgraced community. This therefore caused the wealth seeking citizens to begin brothels which further enhanced Melbourne’s’ corruption. The wealthy began to attend the b ...

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A serious issue in United States - Prostitution

or money or other goods. As we know, Nevada is the only state in the United States of America where brothels are legal. Brothel is a house of prostitution that over 30 of them exists in Nevada, and th ... rbara Brents's article, the employees mention that they feel safe and free to enter and leave legal brothels.We surveyed that 84 percent of the brothel workers feel safe when they are working. They fe ...

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