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Abstracted work of art vs. a total abstraction, specifically "Girl in Window" vs. "For the Light" [Written in N.Y.C. on 12/02]

f the conventional techniques we see in regular works of art. No aerial or linear perspectives. The brush strokes seem hard and very random. There are no people or objects of any kind depicted in this ...

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Van Gogh's "Cypresses"

ower and turmoil, but the bright background makes it human and beautiful.Van Gogh uses large, thick brush strokes to illustrate the swirling leaves of the cypresses. The paint is so thick that clots r ... , have hints of black in them, which evoke feelings of hidden dangers. The trees, with the twirling brush strokes seem to be in motion, giving the painting a feeling of movement. The trees seem to be ...

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Compare and Contrast Essay about "Sunrise" by Claude Monet and other impressionists

ts on it. The time of day seems to be dawn when the sun is just rising over the horizon. Monet uses brush strokes to make shapes but in contrast there are no real definite shapes. He uses shades of bl ...

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Painting and calligraphy are strengthening in the discovery of redefining Chinese Art. Two Defining styles that portray dynastic views.

stylistically and thematically while a calligrapher creates rhythm and strength with the tip of the brush. These two types of art have great significance in the art world, not just by stylistic elemen ... beauty and form. The calligrapher creates his work while handling the ink and writing finely with a brush. Strokes and spaces are important in creating a new sense of beauty. In this we see that the w ...

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Impressionism - Introduction - The impact of impressionism on later artistic movements, in particular Fauvism.

ir easels, went to a nearby forest and started painting in open air. They painted with swift, rapid brush strokes trying to catch the impression of the moment. They showed the effects oflight.One of t ... aptureeffects of light and weather on the spot.In the landscape paintings,Impressionists used rapid brush strokes tocapture the effect of the view.They expressed light effects by bold contrastsof colo ...

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Monet's painting "Nympheas".

ring throughout his long career.For this painting, Monet's use of color along with use of intricate brush strokes is beautiful. The vast variations of brush strokes and color placement techniques what ... ns of brush strokes and color placement techniques what make his work so unique and individual. The brush strokes look very quick and abrupt as if he was painting hastily. Once the bluish tones of the ...

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Monet's Use of Color

Monet's use of color along with use of intricate brush strokes and composition is outstanding. The vast variations of brush strokes and color placeme ... or to express his concern for light is outstanding. In this particular piece Monet uses sketch-like brush strokes to create the main objects of the scene. The water consists of numerous horizontal bru ... icker strokes used in the water. Monet is a genius when it comes to using many different colors and brush strokes to create one specific tone of a color and create specific effects with those colors. ...

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Analysis of Joan of Arc works of Art

c qualityof the work. By closely examining the artist'stechnique, it is clear that he uses delicate brushstrokes in a true to life manner. The colors, anduse of light seem to be painted in a layeredfa ... the landscape a sense of depth.The background of the painting is a garden whichinclude foliage and brush that surrounds theprimary focus of the painting, Joan of Arc. Theartist put a great effort int ...

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Gladioli by Monet

rt the artist has put into this piece. Up close the painting looks like a series of dots and random brush strokes, if one steps ten feet back the painting comes alive! Painted circa 1876, by Cl ... ing shed or the artist's workshop. Up close this painting appears to be abstract, with small brush strokes and dots of color. From close up, one also notices that the paint appears to heaviest ...

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Elements of Art

g in a painting a similar color, or a series of repeating shapes, or a consistent texture made with brush strokes. At times, variety coerces the eye to pay particular attention to that object. Variety ...

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Anselm Kiefer - "Glaube, hoffnung, liebe" and "Das Wolund-Lied (Mit Flugel)". Art Analysis.

n 1986. The background is impasto; the emulsion paint has been built up to create a texture and the brush strokes are clearly visible. The focal point of the piece is the propeller, which is made of l ...

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"Impression, Sunrise" By Claude Monet

Impression, Sunrise"� epitomizes impressionistic artwork with its defining style of fluttery brush strokes and a blurry portrayal of an actual image. The quick, indistinct brush strokes, and th ... uld do. During the romantic period, all paintings were supposed to be realistic and perfect. Smooth brush strokes dominated over painting techniques to give clean, natural looks. Impressionism was a w ...

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Hamlet a critical analysis

and setting to create a mood of disgust and the theme of proper revenge. He use's these elements as brush strokes to paint a powerful picture. He employs the castle of Elsinore and it's vicinity to de ...

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to depict this growing movement and energy in paintings through the use of bright colors and swift brush strokes. Although short-lived, Futurism influenced art on an international level through its s ... machines. Giacomo Balla's "Speeding Auto (Auto en course, etude de vitesse)" utilizes thick outward brush strokes to indicate the movement of a car and the passing space around it. Balla clearly uses ...

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features is very important in this stlye and must be accurate in order for things to look real. The brush strokes and artist uses are also a key factor in the style of realism. The brush strokes are v ... so a very important factor. He could fool many people into thinking his paintings were pictures.His brush strokes are very unoticeable and practically invisible. Caravaggio was an amazing artist who h ...

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Mediterranean Works of Art

round, almost as if he did not want to distract viewers from his view of the woman. Lourenco use of brush strokes through out the painting, add a choppy feel, keeping the transition between the woman ...

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Anime: Cartoon or Culture?

been exposed to this foreign cartoon can distinguish it from the typical American animation. Broad brush strokes and bold colors draw attention to often fantastic or surreal characters (Kasuga). It i ...

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Modern Era Art

solid appearance by giving the artists' shapes more continuous surface, an effect produced by broad brush strokes" (499).Besides Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, Fauvism and Expressionism also ha ...

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Exhibition Critique

er of motion and vastness. Motion pertaining to the flow of the ocean displayed by the style of the brush strokes, along with the movement of the water indicated from the trail behind the steamboat. T ... at seems to be tossing and turning amongst the relentless ocean current, this is represented by the brush strokes and various colors the artist used to comprise the ocean. Blue Gray Sea is also compri ...

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Fauvism Case Study

ntings, usually of distorted landscapes which used extremely bright, vivid, lively colours and wild brush strokes. The movement was inspired by impressionism and post impressionism, but with even more ... her was fairly conservative, and Matisse followed suit. He began to experiment with colour and wild brush strokes, gaining a reputation of rebellion in his class. He always valued instinct and intuiti ...

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