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Stylistic analysis of Alfred Leslie's famous painting: the thirteen americans

individual figures are carefully delineated and detail plays an important part in the painting. The brushstrokes serve to describe and not to suggest. The artist has not painted using several layers o ...

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Impressionism - Introduction - The impact of impressionism on later artistic movements, in particular Fauvism.

bold contrastsof colour.The critics did not like this new style ofpainting; they thought the rapid brushstrokesmade the paintings look unfinished and thatthe colour looked unnatural.The impact of imp ... pes asthey saw them. They used vibrant, light colours.Impressionists applied their paint with great brushstrokes - they were not concerned about a beautiful finish.The style of impressionism was to tr ...

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Materials and techniques of Jackson Pollock, Godfrey Miller and Pablo Picasso

of that person and a part of his life. When we visit a gallery we are not merely interested in the brushstrokes on a canvas and what they depict, but the artist himself - his life, his loves, his min ...

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Art Analysis- "Death Of Constable Scanlon" - Sidney Nolan

series, including this one, were all painted with Ripolin enamel on hardboard. You can see the many brushstrokes but some objects are painted completely solid for example Ned Kelly himself and the clo ...

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"The Scream"- analysis of painting

tes a sense of alarm, and highlights the intensity of the character's experience.Munch employs wavy brushstrokes to emphasise the situation that the character is feeling. Bold, curved strokes in the s ...

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Impressionism (influences from/to)

styles were diverse, but all experimented with effects of light and movement created with distinct brushstrokes and fragments of colour juxtaposed on the canvas rather than mixed on the pallet.Preval ... e shimmering with mingling colours and reflections, achieved by covering the canvas with individual brushstrokes of different colours.Monet is best known for his series paintings, in which he explored ...

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ite different. According to Ancien Regime-Rococo this painting is noted for its warm tones and rich brushstrokes, and for the near absence of a background (Ancien Regime-Rococo, 2008). The Good Mother ...

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An Impressive Morning

pe.” I could feel the waves coming toward me as I caught their movement with my small, curling brushstrokes when painting the Lighthouse at Honfleur. Also, one can paint actions that occur daily ...

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Vincent van Gogh and The Starry Night

, spiralling and revolving. The whole painting is characterised by the utilisation of such whirling brushstrokes, and this is the third unique feature of The Starry Night that contributes to the compl ...

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