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Visitng the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple.

eport PaperThe Hsi Lai Temple, located on 3456 South Glenmark in the city of Hacienda Heights, is a Buddhist Temple, which completed its construction in 1988 after 10 years of planning by Ming and Chi ... ngs of Buddha to those in the west. The organization's headquarters is in Taiwan, but International Buddhist Progress Society is the charted name for this temple.Master Hsing Yun, in 1967, established ...

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Reverence and serenity

purify our mind to attainenlightenment. (sign at the Guan Yin Temple)I arrived at the International Buddhist Society's Guan Yin Temple early as, according to the Richmond tourism website, meditation a ... website, meditation and lecture would begin at 9am (Tourism Richmond 2000). Having never been to a Buddhist Temple before and knowing very little about their traditions and practices, I was expecting ...

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Buddhist Temple

Abstract This report explains how Buddhist temple architecture present themselves through temple building in the process of communicat ... was carried out online using books and Goodge search with various keywords ranging from history of Buddhist, Chinese temples architecture and Japanese temple architecture. In Geylang library and Nati ... lang library and National library site, I found a number of good books such as: “the roof in Japan Buddhist Architecture”, “Chinese and Japanese art with sections on Korean and Viet Nam”, “Hand b ...

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Buddhism In China

Buddhism in China        Undoubtedly, many Chinese people are Buddhists. What this number may be we have no means of finding out, but in every town and village a ... of the Western Chin dynasty (265-317 CE) to the Huns that Buddhism was introduced into China by two buddhist missionaries from India. Chinese emperors also sent missions to India to collect original t ... the end of the Sui and during the opening years of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), a series of Chinese Buddhists emerged to establish the major sects and schools. All of these schools and others enjoyed ...

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Field Study in a Buddhist Temple

fit the people living here has allowed it to thrive for many years. I visited the West Los Angeles Buddhist Temple on Sunday at nine in the morning. The service had the unique ability to uphold tradi ... continue their practices alone because a majority of their neighbors were Christians; so a group of Buddhists decided to get together and meet every week for meditation, a reading of the sutras, and t ...

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