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Turkey, A Poli-Historical Analysis

tly in Asia. European Turkey, known as eastern THRACE, is bounded on the north by the BLACK SEA and Bulgaria and on the west by the AEGEAN SEA and Greece. It is separated from Asian Turkey (ANATOLIA o ... great empire. Many factions were interested in the devastated nation including Greece, Rumania, and Bulgaria which all wanted to block Russian designs in the Straits. Already each nation had taken a b ...

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Bulgaria 1945 - 1996

rilliant stuff !!! NonePostscriptOver the course of the past two months, January and February 1997, Bulgaria has undergone some sweeping political changes and its economy has deteriorated into further ... rated into further collapse. The following is an attempt to describe the events which took place in Bulgaria in January and February of 1997. This is somewhat of a difficult task given the current rat ...

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Treaty of Versailles after World War One

eece, Montenegro, Portugal and Japan) sat in judgement on the vanquished (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and Turkey) at the Peace Conference of Paris.The peace conference was dominated by the conf ...

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"Was the United States Responsible for the Development of the Cold War"

es to help extend communism toward Italy and France. In 1945, they set up a communist referendum in Bulgaria and seized Hungary and Romania in 1947. Poland also became communist that same year. In 194 ...

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The Events Leading To WWI

d on July 13, 1878 which made the Ottoman Empire give up most of their lands in Balkan, but Western Bulgaria was given back to the Ottoman Empire, and North Bulgaria became a self-governing country. T ... toman Empire, and North Bulgaria became a self-governing country. The treaty also made Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia, and Romania independent. Bosnia was given to Austria-Hungary and Cypru ...

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"Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire" by J.K Rowling, mini glossary.

witchcraft and wizardry schools in Europe; Hogwarts (England), Beauxbatons (France) and Durmstrang (Bulgaria). The Goblet of Fire selected a champion to represent each school, and the three champions ... dren with Harry and Hermione to watch the final match of the world cup. The final match was between Bulgaria and Ireland. Viktor Krum, the seeker of the Bulgarian team, caught the snitch. Later that y ...

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The Causes and Effects of World War I

ed the coalition known as the Central Powers, consisting of Germany, Austria - Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria. The immediate cause of the war between Austria - Hungary and Serbia was the assassination ... ntral Powers, signing the Treaty of Bucharest, by the terms of which it ceded the Dobruja region to Bulgaria and the passes in the Carpathian Mountains to Austria - Hungary, and gave Germany a long - ...

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Alexander the Great

tly above what we know as Greece today, was called Macedonia. Macedonia still exists, but it is now Bulgaria, Yugoslavia and modern Greece. Macedonia was considered to be part of ancient Greece, but t ...

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India as a Potential Business Resource

d in Asia/Far East (China, India, Pakistan, Philippines), Europe (Ireland, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania), the Americas (Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina) and even ...

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Alexander the Great in Perisia and Early Life

In segments of present-day Albania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and northern Greece, the Hellenistic dominion of Macedon secured its beautiful highland fr ...

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Soviet Domination of Eastern Europe, Cold War

ans of the West. The Red Army proceeded to install pro-Soviet governing regimes in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary.The civil war in Greece between the Communist People's Liberation Army and the ... unist aggression fed off economic turmoil and provided funding for the recovery of Europe. Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Soviet Union became a mili ...

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Opportunities for Tourism Growth and Development

ated between the two. His sign reads "Main Entrance."I tell you this because it is our goal to make Bulgaria the "main entrance" to tourism in this part of the world.In our letter of welcome to you, w ... this part of the world.In our letter of welcome to you, we mention three words that are the keys to Bulgaria's tourism development. Those three words are "Investment", "Experience", and "Education." L ...

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The successes and failures of the League of Nations

sustain global peace. The League managed to solve disputes over the Upper Silesia, Aaland Islands, Bulgaria, and other small nations. It also addressed the issues of health, transport, refugees, work ... n, and war was avoided again.In October 1925 Greek soldiers were killed on the border of Greece and Bulgaria. Greek troops invaded Bulgaria, and the League took action, ordering Greece to withdraw fro ...

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Bulgarian furniture in Belgium

There are not so many Bulgarian products that might easily penetrate the EU Market even with a good marketing strategy. On ... Market even with a good marketing strategy. One of those, which I think might be successful is the Bulgarian furniture, as Bulgaria has traditions in this branch of the industry, and there are at lea ... en to present a brief overview of the Belgium market for office furniture as a potential market for Bulgarian firms willing to specialize in the production of office furniture for exports to the Europ ...

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The Rose Valley

e who visits it.It is situated in a valley between the Balkan range and the Sedan Gore Mountains in Bulgaria. The valley has become know as the KazanlakRose valley, and the rose grown there is now kno ... dy talks about. Until that moment I had not been there, and it was shameful that I had been born in Bulgaria but never visited this amazing place so full of historical and cultural significance.We lef ...

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Information on The Danube River

way, the Danube flows through nine countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine) and drains an area slightly larger than 817,000 km2 (315,000 sq mi) ... st and Belgrade. The irrigated areas are in the second half of the river, especially in Hungary and Bulgaria, both countries for which agricultural economy is quite large. Fishing in the delta and in ...

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How strong was the League of Nations?

Sweden. In addition, they arbitrated between Germany and Poland, Britain and Turkey, and Greece and Bulgaria. Without the League of Nations there were many wars between countries. So, the League of Na ...

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Why was the relationship between western and eastern Europe so hostile between 1946 and 1961?

ed to predetermine a worsening European situation. By 1945, the USSR already controlled Albania and Bulgaria; in the following four years five more countries would fall under Soviet rule, the majority ...

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Traveling the World

to the next you see things you would never see in the states. Recently I have got to visit Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and Moldavia Republic. For me traveling is a second nature I get to learn ... opean Union they are having much problems because of there corruption and was said that Romania and Bulgaria must reform many things in there countries this must happen before the can enter. (1) In a ...

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An evaluation into the League of Nations' efforts in the 1920s.

sing the problems and solving them without the usage of the military. In the invasions of Corfu and Bulgaria by Greece and Bulgaria, the League of Nations settled the disputes before the out break of ... t. It was also deeply troubling because the League CHANGED ITS MIND.A similar situation occurred in Bulgaria, but the League of Nations treated it the complete opposite way. The Greeks, like the Itali ...

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