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Greece and all about thier life styles.

ose contributions benefit us.Pythagoras gave the Pythagorean Theory to us. He made a formula (a2+b2=c2); this formula is used to calculate the relationship between the sides of a right triangle. Eucli ...

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Pythagoras' Theorem.

PythagorasPythagoras' Theorem is a2 + b2 = c2. 'a' being the shortest side usually the adjacent 'b' being the middle length side usually the op ... n = area.To prove my formulas are correct for 'a', 'b' and 'c'. I incorporated them into a2 + b2 = c2:(2n + 1) 2 + (2n2 + 2n) 2 = (2n2 + 2n + 1) 2Multiplied out to...4n2 + 2n + 2n + 1 + 4n4+ 4n2 + 4n ...

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Essay on the square root of 2

of the square root of two. This proof uses Pythagoras' theorem that in a right triangle, a2 + b2 = c2 .If a=1, and b=1 then 2= c2. Then c=√2 and then you must find c. However there is no ration ...

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Avce business. unit 17 management and enterprise. C2 criterea. analyse yates and HSBC management styles

Unit 17C2Management stylesYates use a democratic management style but sometimes they change to a autocratic ...

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Practical Experiment report proving Lenz Law.

and number of turns in the solenoid were then varied and the results were recorded accordingly (C1, C2). The magnet was the held stationary inside the solenoid and the solenoid was spun around the mag ... lenoid 500 turn solenoid1 magnet 7mA 11mA2 magnets 10mA 20mAC2) It appears that the number of coils in the solenoid is directly proportional to the current prod ...

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Pythagoras- Math

oras was a Greek philosopher, and mathematician. Pythagoras not only developed the theorem of A2+B2=C2, but he was also the first to create the music scale of today.Pythagoras also developed the Pytha ...

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Bodies: The Exhibition

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Organizational priorities

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