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To investigate the factors that affect a chemical reaction: Calcium Carbonate + Hydrochloric Acid Calcium Chloride + Carbon Dioxide

PlanI have to investigate the factors that affect a chemical reaction:Calcium Carbonate + Hydrochloric AcidCalcium Chloride + Carbon DioxideThe easiest way to determine a ...

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List and discuss each type of algae. (Division Rhodophyta: Red Algae, Division Phaeophyta: Brown Algae, Division Chlorophyta: Green Algae)

tropical coral reefs and plays an important role in reef building. The algae become encrusted with calcium carbonate that is extracted from the sea, which adds material to the reef which was construc ... d from the sea, which adds material to the reef which was constructed by coral animals that secrete calcium carbonate tubes around themselves. Red Algae contain carrageenan which is used in puddings, ...

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The Rate Of Reaction Between marble Chips and Hydrochloric Acid.

nt to see how surface area effects the rate of reaction when added to hydrochloric acid. I will add calcium carbonate (marble chips) to hydrochloric acid.When calcium carbonate is added to hydrochlori ... e how long it takes for the reaction to produce 100cm3 of carbon dioxide.CaCO3 +2HCL Co2 +CaCl2 +H2OCalciumHydrochloricCarbonCalciumWaterCarbonateAcidDioxideChloridePredictionI predict that when the s ...

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Chemistry, the effects of acid rain includes experiment with marble chips.

g) and allows more particles to react with the reactant all at once. The bigger the surface area of Calcium Carbonate, the greater the number of collisions, Carbon Dioxide was given off at a quicker r ...

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How would the rate of reaction of Bisodel tablet affected by temperature?

ing variables to investigate the rate of reaction.Bisodel TabletBisodel tablet is mainly made up of calcium carbonate, which is alkali. It is used when people having stomachache or indigestion.AimMy a ... AimMy aim is to find out the relationship between temperature and the rate of reaction.Word EquationCalcium Carbonate + Hydrochloric Acid Carbon Dioxide + Calcium Chloride + WaterBalanced EquationCaCO ...

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Coral reefs.

is a common name for members of a large class of marine invertebrates characterized by a protective calcium carbonate or horny skeleton." This is how the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia described coral ... e Coral Reefs formed?Coral reefs are formed from coral skeletons. Corals secrete a hard skeleton of calcium carbonate as protection for the coral polyps. (A polyp is a can-like body with a single open ...

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This is a biology paper about the Phylum Porifera!!! Uses the example of Sponges(a member of the phylum Porifera)

r. Spicules help to give a sponge its form. They act as finger prints. Spicules are usually made of calcium carbonate or oxides of silicon.Common animals are known to move, feed themselves, reproduce ...

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How did calcium compounds affect the world?

When most people hear the word 'calcium' they think of what is in milk and other dairy products. Most people think that you need cal ... iry products. Well, whoever seriously thinks like this should get some extra research done, because calcium is used almost every day in our lives. Not only medically, but also in the world around us. ... ur lives. Not only medically, but also in the world around us. A calcium compound is basically when calcium has been combined with two or more elements. For example calcium hydroxide ( Ca(OH)2 )This v ...

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Investigating The Factors Which Affect The Rate of Reaction Between Limestone and Acid Rain(Hydrochloric Acid)

à Salt + Water + Carbon DioxideHydrochloric Acid + Calcium Carbonate à Calcium Chloride +Carbon Dioxide +Water2HCl + CaCO3 &agr ... hem all together and dividing by the number of results I obtain. I will also use the same amount of Calcium Carbonate, which is 1g and also the same amount of acid which I have decided as 50cm3. Each ...

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Rates of reactions

e of reaction I have decided to use the concentration as a variable. I am going to use marble chip (Calcium Carbonate) and Hydrochloric acid. I will alter the concentration of the hydrochloric acid ea ...

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A Lab experiment on how to determine the enthalpy change of the decomposition of Calcium Carbonate

The Enthalpy Change of the Decomposition of Calcium CarbonateIntroductionResearch Question:What is the enthalpy change of the decomposition of c ... is still the same.In this experiment, Hess's law will be utilized to calculate the decomposition of Calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is a fairly stable compound, thus, it must mean that more energ ... then, through some calculations and the equation = M * C * can the enthalpy of the decomposition of calcium carbonate be found.CaCO3 + 2HCl ( CaCl2 + CO2 + H2OCaO + 2HCL( CaCl2 + H2OThese two reaction ...

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An Investigation Into The Volume Of Gas Produced When You React Hydrochloric Acid And Marble Chips - Plan, Evaluation And Analysis

Mass : (mass = moles X Mr)0.05 X 100 =5gTherefore 50ml of Hydrochloric acid dissolves 5g抯 of calcium carbonate. However to maximize gas production we used an excess of marble chips. So the weig ...

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Essay & Research Project #2

ected carbon dioxide will therefore turn limewater cloudy. Limewater is a common name for saturated calcium hydroxide solution, Ca(OH)2. When carbon dioxide is added to limewater, water and calcium ca ... rbonate (chalk) are produced. In limewater, if carbon dioxide are present, a white precipitation of calcium carbonate (chalk) will form.Limewater + Carbon dioxide → Calcium Carbonate + WaterCa(OH ...

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y alkaline soils.Soils that are too acidic can be partly neutralised by added bases such as crushed calcium carbonate.Whereas basic soils can be partly neutralised with fertilisers such as sulphate of ...

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alinity neutralizes hydrogen and hydroxide ions specifically. The majority of alkalinity comes from calcium carbonate, which dissolves when water moves through soil or over rock. It also comes from bi ... alinity. This is because the bulk of alkalinity comes from limestone which contains a great deal of calcium carbonate. Hard water includes mostly calcium carbonate, similar to alkalinity, making the t ...

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The Coral Reef Ecosystem

that are made of stony corals, orcolonial cnidarians, these have an exoskeleton that is made up of calcium carbonate.Corals are sessile animals, meaning they are not mobile but stay fixed in one plac ...

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The Calcium Carbonate Content of White to Brown Eggshells

stion: ‘To what extent do white and brown eggshells differ in respect to percentage by mass of calcium carbonate content?’Calcium carbonate is a substance found in the eggshells giving them ... the commercial egg industry that the biggest possible amount of eggs reaches the market. Hence, as calcium carbonate reacts steadily with hydrochloric acid to produce carbon dioxide as well as two ot ...

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Isolate carbon dioxide through the upward displacement of air and then demonstrate some of its chemical and physical properties with the isolated CO2.

Chemicals:• Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) (2g)• 2M Hydrochloric Acid Solution (HCl) (20ml)• Distilled Wate ... al8 and then manipulated to satisfy my specific desires. The reaction between hydrochloric acid and calcium carbonate is as follows:2HCl (aq) + CaCO3 (s) → CaCl2 (aq) + H2O (l) + CO2 (g)1.)Protec ... up to collect carbon dioxide by the upward displacement of air as shown in Appendix A.4.)2 grams of calcium carbonate was measured using the small plastic lid and the scales and then placed into the r ...

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Coral Reefs

roups of many individuals. A single individual of the group is known as a polyp. Corals have a hard calcium carbonate skeleton. These skeletons build up over time and serve as protection for certain s ...

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chemistry essay

ed to heat up food and drink in these cans?:Heat is generated inside the Hot-Can from the mixing of Calcium Oxide (quicklime, CaO) with Hydrogen Dioxide (water, H2O) which produces Calcium Hydroxide ( ... this exothermic reaction is:CaO + H2O > Ca(OH)2 + HeatOnce the heating reaction is complete, the Calcium Hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) reacts readily with Carbon Dioxide (CO2 ) in the air to form Calcium Car ...

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