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The seperation of church and state

in an ideal world do not exist in ours. The United States government, breaking into specifics, the California Supreme Court is the first group. According to Article I, Section 4 of the California Sta ... ed is Catholic Charities of Sacramento, Inc. According to a court briefing "Catholic Charities is a California public benefit corporation that provides social services to the poor, disabled, elderly, ...

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Federal Systems Paper

n of employment law. I will also provide an example of an employment protection that is provided by California's state system, but not by the federal system.Thanks to the laws, executive orders, regul ... an employment protection that is provided by the state system, but not by the federal system is:The California Supreme Court ruled last week that the state's protection for the disabled under the Fair ...

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Product Liability

Power Products, Inc., 1963). In an opinion by the well respected jurist, Justice Roger Traynor, the California Supreme Court held that manufacturers are "strictly liable" in tort whenever products the ... d owners, brought by the Legal Action Project. Dix vs. Beretta, recently decided in Alameda County, California was one of these.On April 26, 1995, a lawsuit on behalf of Griffin and Lynn Dix, the pare ...

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Cloning and its benefits

enetics must develop simultaneously.Human genetic material is routinely patented. In July 1990, the California Supreme Court ruled that a patient whose diseased spleen had been used to produce patente ...

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Censorship In American Theatre

ich has been a major tendency among most censorship bills) (O'Neil 357).During the same period, the California Supreme Court ruled by a four to three decision that stage performances were not subject ... erformances were not subject to the new state laws against obscenity (Berger 132). According to the California Supreme Court, sections of the law were not violated by such controversial productions as ...

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Emplyment Law

than Green, so he filed a wrongful discharge suit based on this claim.This case was decided by the California Supreme Court. The court needed to decide if airline parts fall within the public policy ...

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Greenwood Case

Billy Greenwood of Laguna Beach, California in early 1984 was suspected of being a drug dealer. The police recieved word that there w ... een able to get a search warrant if they did not illegally search through his garbage. The state of California said that he left it in plain sight and had no reason to expect that his trash would rema ... ked the United States Supreme Court to decide what would happen. I believe that the California Supreme Court made a wise desicion in agreeing with Greenwood. I think that the police vi ...

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Indian Gaming

uld be able to own and operate casinos or not. With 43 gaming tribes hosting some form of gambling, California has more gambling tribes than any other state. With that in mind, there are some who ques ... te casino?s. In November of 1998, the question of whether or not Indian gaming should be allowed in California was answered when California passed proposition 5, which required the governor to approve ...

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State Court Statistics

te courts that will be used in this comparison of statistics and case load are: Michigan, New York, California, and Maryland.The court systems in Michigan are relatively simple. The lowest court is th ... and Court of Appeals for and Capital crime, and matters that is being reviewed by the higher court. California has two types of courts: 58 trial courts, one in each county, and appellate courts. Trial ...

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California's Supreme Court Weighs in on Proposition 8

Since 1911 Californians have played an important role in shaping California's Constitution. Then Governor Hiram ... ing California's Constitution. Then Governor Hiram Johnson began his term by giving the citizens of California a tool in which they could use to adopt laws and constitutional amendments without the su ... to adopt laws and constitutional amendments without the support of the Governor or the Legislature. California became the 10th State to adopt the initiative process (Secretary of State Debra Bowen, 20 ...

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