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Ambulatory Cancer Treatments

normal cells. If the spread of these abnormal cells is not controlled, cancer can cause death. Most cancers take the form of tumors, although not all tumors are cancers. A tumor is simply a mass of ne ... prostate, testes, ovaries and uterus and enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, axilla or groin.Internal cancers require an extension of observation through endoscopes, x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, ...

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Skin Cancer. 'The Dangers of Wanting a Dark Tan.'

is growing at a rate of 4.3% a year. It is one of the fastest increases in occurrence rates of all cancers.The danger in Melanoma is that it starts with something as simple as a mole or growth and ca ...

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Lesbian Health

n women than heterosexual women. Additionally, lesbians may have higher prevalence rates of certain cancers that differ from those of heterosexual women, as well as lower rates of some sexually transm ... tional Institutes of Health (NIH) panel concluded recently.In theory, cervical cancer is one of the cancers that can be completely eradicated. Hispanic-, African-, and Native American women are twice ...

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Why is beer better than milk?

terol, are frequently contaminated which chemicals and antibiotics, are linked to diabetes, certain cancers, and many other sicknesses, and are even thought to cause osteoporosis.Beer does not contain ...

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This is a general essay regarding cancer. The topic was to research and write about cancer.

tem, spreading to form new tumors in other organs. This spread of cancer is called metastasis. Most cancers are named after the organ they form in, for example, cancer in the lungs, is referred to as ... e of many forms of cancer, such as mouth and throat cancer. A high-fat diet has also been linked to cancers of the colon, uterus, and prostate. Being overweight may also cause breast cancer among olde ...

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Affects of Agent orange on veterains. short, sweet and straight to the point.

them, but there is a serious side affect to it. Exposure to Agent Orange multiplies the chances of cancers, immune system disorders, liver problems, and a host of other complaints. Even more tragic i ...

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Cancer. Describes three types of outpatient cancer treatments.

In the early 1990s almost 6 million new cancer cases developed and more than 4 million deaths from cancers occurred. Also more than one-fifth of all deaths were caused by cancer and it has been predi ... Then metastasis usually occurs and generally causes the death of the host.There are many different cancers which form on just about all parts of the body. In the US, skin cancer is the most common ca ...

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iousinfections, which are therefore called opportunistic diseases, andto the development of unusual cancers. The virus also tends toreach certain brain cells. Since the first AIDS cases werereported i ...

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Air Pollution

rginia have claimed to suffer from health problems, including rashes, respiratory problems and even cancers' (D4). In 1948, in the industrial town of Donora, Pennsylvania, which sits in a valley, had ...

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"The Role of the Media in the Public Understanding of Health Issues" Breast cancer & Silicone implants

ot the media play a significant role, in contributing to the publics' education of breast and other cancers, due to silicone gel breast implants, and the strategies used, if any, to promote public awa ... Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women (see appendices, p; 3, internet 12), 1 in 4 of all cancers occur in the breast and the lifetime risk is 1 in 9. Over 39,500 women are diagnosed each ye ...

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Environmental Causes of Cancer This essay was written over various environmental causes of cancer, their incidence rates, and other related information.

ll of the cells' activities. Although people can inherit damaged DNA, (which accounts for inherited cancers) most of the time a person's DNA becomes damaged due to environmental causes. Environmental ... aused over 150,000 deaths immediately, with thousands of people later developing different types of cancers. In 1990, almost 8,000 cancer deaths were recorded in the survivor population of just over 8 ...

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The Controversy of Euthanasia (assisted suicide)

ined Nancy could find no visual trace of cancer in her body although there was evidence of previous cancers"(Steel32). This brings up the question: Is assisted suicide and euthanasia really what needs ...

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Skin cancer

ive to the age of 65 will have skin cancer at least once.(NCI, 1993) One-third of all new diagnosed cancers are skin cancer. (Siegel, 1990, p.77) Skin cancer is now almost 100 percent curable if detec ... lso a good idea to try to avoid prolonged exposure to the midday sun. (NCI, 1993)80 percent of skin cancers occur on the face, head or neck of the person; another 10 percent occur on other exposed are ...

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Facts about Leukemia

The leukemias are cancers of the blood forming cells. Acute leukemia involves the most primitive of these types of cel ...

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All about the opinion of clones being worthwhile for our community.

way things are meant to be. Other's oppose that jurisdiction and state that we can rid the world of cancers and tumors and quite possibly save lives. Others don't believe strongly either way, though b ...

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"Metastatic Uterine Cancer".

n 3 people will develop cancer during their mainly occurs in the later years of life. Cancers can occur at any age, but the risk of developing cancer increases with age. Some cancers are ... reast cancer, large bowel cancer, lung cancer and cancer of ovaries ( CANCERSome cancer may spread to different organs of the body including the lungs. When this occurs t ...

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Cigarettes: What's Killing Our Country.

This year alone cigarettes will kill over 420,000 Americans, and many more will suffer from cancers, and circulatory and respiratory system diseases1. These horrible illnesses were known to or ...

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The chernobyl explosion

ne people would die later, mostly firefighters. Many more would die from the radiation sickness and cancers caused by the 100 million radionuclides released into the atmosphere. The reason I ch ...

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Discuss the different neoplasms which may arise in the lung. Discuss their staging and grading with regard to prognosis and treatment. Are there any promising new treatment modalities?

d about 6,700 Australians die from lung cancer each year". Lung cancer is one of the more difficult cancers to detect at its early stages and is one of the more difficult cancers to cure. However unde ... included under the broad heading of lung cancer. For clinical and therapeutic reasons however, lung cancers are frequently classified as small cell cancers and non small cancers. McCance & Huether ...

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AIDS: A Global Threat.

When the immune system breaks down, one becomes susceptible to serious, often deadly infections and cancers called opportunistic diseases, so named because they take advantage of the body's weakened d ... ood. The HIV/AIDS virus lowers the T-cell count, as a result of this the body is less able to fight cancers, sicknesses, and even the common cold. When you have HIV/AIDS your T-cell count is continual ...

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