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"The Electoral College: Problems and Solution" Problems: undemocratic, outdated, etc. Solution: Direct Popular Election

Instead, they vote for a slate of electors who are supposed to cast their ballots for a particular candidate. The number of electoral votes is allocated according to the size of each state's Congress ... Congress (Otchet 37). States have chosen to allocate their electoral votes by winner-take-all--the candidate who wins the most votes in a state, no matter what the margin or how small the percentage, ...

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Campaign finance reform

e case of Buckley v Valeo was brought in front of the Supreme Court. Previously under the 1974 law, candidates were limited as to how much money in donations they were allowed to receive. Under the la ... self. In the case Buckley v Valeo, it was argued that by limiting the donation it was violating the candidate's 1st amendment right, freedom of expression. The Supreme Court decided it was therefore u ...

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Erik Toy Case Study

main sections in our department: Sissel and Tom. To help the ease of decision, we must compare each candidate's qualifications and select one person, keeping in mind that our own department will be af ... ently, maintaining our reputation for excellence, informing both the recipient and the non-promoted candidate(s), how my departments will feel about losing their leader, how the department at the smal ...

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"Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card

ff.A monitor is something that they but on the back of thesepeoples necks to see if they are a good candidate to be ageneral to fight the buggers. The buggers are aliens. Well,since he is not monitore ...

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"Andrew Jackson 1824-1837" his years of precedency

The year was 1824. The election of this year was very unusual because of the number of candidates running for president. One of the candidates was Andrew Jackson, or "Old Hickory" as they ... ame a hero after this war, and it would bring him all the way to the presidency. Another one of the candidates was John Quincy Adams. The son of John Adams, the second president of the United States, ... ond president of the United States, Adams was a excellent debator from New England. He was the only candidate from the NorthEast. The two other candidates were William Crawford and Henry Clay. Crawfor ...

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This is a discription of the soft money elections in the States.

nfluence in Washington. Soft money contributions are huge, unregulated donations benefiting federal candidates that evade federal campaign finance laws. Current federal law prohibits corporations and ... ance laws. Current federal law prohibits corporations and labor unions from direct gifts to federal candidates. Individuals may give up to $1,000 to a candidate per election, and up to $20,000 annuall ...

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Time for reform? considering the failures of the electoral college in the US

there are Senate and Houseof Representative members for that State. When the voting has stopped the candidate who receives themajority of the Electoral votes for a state receives all the electoral vot ... ctoral votes for that state. All the votes aretransmitted to Washington, D.C. for tallying, and the candidate with the majority of the electoral votes winsthe presidency. If no candidate receives a ma ...

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Synopsis of "Politicking Goes High-Tech" by Steven Roberts

ecially for Senators) are the television spots. The article discussed how today's campaigns are now candidate-centered rather than political party-centered and how they require large sums of money in ... le talked about the need to have the speed and technology to know how the people feel right away. A candidate cannot wait weeks or even days for the results to come back to him or her whether he or sh ...

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Political Parties

oup of party leaders, also known as acaucus, would choose who would run against the opposing party'scandidate and what office this individual would be seeking. It was aprocess that was closed off to e ... and Republicans can vote for members ofeither party in different races; they don't have to vote for candidates ofonly one party.The primary system is set up so that adverse effects can helpand/or hurt ...

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Media in today's American politics

nce to examine the role of mass media in politics. The two movies I will use for this basis are The Candidate and All the Presidents Men.Today, the art of governing a society seems to be much dictated ... that the media plays a very wide, varied and important role in letting us know what is going on.The Candidate tries to unveil how a political campaign for office is run. It tells the story of how an u ...

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Essay over the electoral college. Should we keep or abolish it?

ctoral College is that the presidency should be won by popular vote alone. It shouldn't be that one candidate could win the popular vote, but lose the election. At first I completely agreed with this, ... a hand picked group of men to vote on who they wish, because they do not always have to vote on the candidate in which the state has voted the majority on. Although the Electoral College may take away ...

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The Responsible Electorate based on V.O. Key, Jr. ideals Information on positive and negatives of electorates

th AP HistoryJanuary 13, 2003The Responsible ElectorateV.O. Key, Jr.Election returns identify which candidate gets the most votes from the electorate, but in essence, that's all it really tells us. Wh ... ets the most votes from the electorate, but in essence, that's all it really tells us. Why does one candidate get more votes than another? We cannot assume it's because of his past record or promises ...

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Interview of a Campaign Worker Prepared by: Puppetmaster For: American Government

e, this is the deciding factor as to which they will vote for, having little or no knowledge of the candidate. People who favor an expanded role in the government dealing with economic issues and wome ... an abortion. For the others who participate in their right to vote, they follow the campaign of the candidates running for the election of a specific governmental position, where they decide whom will ...

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Question: Do electoral systems effect the type and form of government resultant from the election? Contrasting France and England

al of an electoral system to affect the structure of government.In a first past the post system the candidate in a constituency with the largest number of votes wins the constituency. If there were th ... received 36%, 32% and 30% of the vote respectively, even though two-thirds of voters voted against candidate A, he/she wins the seat. This tends to result in an exaggeration of the public will. In 19 ...

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Public Opinion Polls and Their Use in the United States

fend and argue against almost every imaginable issue. They are used to determine who is the leading candidate in elections, if the people support those they do elect, if movies, television and other m ... merit and purpose. In a political campaign, polls are used not just to gauge public sentiment for a candidate, or to try and influence public opinion for that candidate, but are used to rally the supp ...

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On why Electoral College should be eliminated

le's choice was Al Gore. But instead of concurring with the people, the Electoral College chose the candidate with fewer votes, George Bush. And George Bush, as we are all aware of, or so says the med ... And George Bush, as we are all aware of, or so says the media, is not as competent as his opposing candidate, Al Gore. So this was really an uneducated decision on the electoral college's part. The w ...

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To what extent has Arno Mayer (historian) understood the 'Holocaust'?

n the understanding of it. Recently, Jewish American historian Arno Mayer has emerged as a possible candidate to solve this genocidal riddle. Mayer, who escaped the wrathful clutches of Nazism, utilis ...

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The media and how if affects candidates.

urce of information when elections come around, but it has the ability to shape the way we view the candidates. This is why we should acquire certain views prior to hearing name slandering, or virtue ... ia coverage.A voter should in fact have an all around knowledge of all the good and improvement the candidate could bring to his/her community. All that this candidate promises he/she can make happen, ...

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The Electoral College Should be Abolished for many Clearly Defined Reasons.

l to the number of house and senate representatives serving that state in Washington D.C. Whichever candidate wins the majority in a specific state receives the number of electors assigned to that sta ... es to fairly and legitimately vote for their representatives. Finally, the Electoral College causes candidates to ignore states where the outcome is certain.The framers' reasons for which the Electora ...

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Republican Unfairness (problems with the Electoral College).

ld. The Electoral College consists of a group of people called Electors, which submit votes for one candidate in each state. All of this is because the United States is a republic. Maine and Nebraska ... oral College should be amended so that their votes are rationally divided, in each state, among the candidates running for President.Critics argue that an amendment to the Electoral College would be i ...

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