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Jackson Pollock - Did he put more into his paintings than most artists?

olutionary painter and took his methods to new heights so that he could work more directly with the canvas to show pure emotion within his art work.In 1938, Jackson Pollock went to see a psychoanalysi ... drawing a representation of an angry man he wanted to somehow convey the feeling of anger onto the canvas with out subject matter.The Moon-Woman Cuts the Circle (1943; 109.5 x 104 cm (43 x 41 in) is ...

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Birth of a Nation - Art or Propaganda

victories of battle in his memory and on his conscience. To accomplish this men have used paint and canvas, ink and paper, or instrument and song in their effort to communicate the tragedy and glory o ...

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The Advantages of being legal

edicinal value and its many uses toproduce commercial products like paper, rope, oil, textiles, and canvas. Another goodreason to legalize marijuana is that hundreds of thousands of non-violent drug o ...

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Marijuana for medicinal purposes

ware of this and moved to ban Marijuana. Marijuana costs little to grow and can be made into cloth, canvas, and other high quality textiles. The use of Marijuana fortextile production would have serio ...

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"Jumanji" by Chris Van Allsburg - Book Review

ear old man with dark skin. He shows Alan his latest creation, it was some kind of sneaker, made of canvas and white leather above a rubber sole. Alan put the shoe down on an idle conveyor belt. As Al ...

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Abstracted work of art vs. a total abstraction, specifically "Girl in Window" vs. "For the Light" [Written in N.Y.C. on 12/02]

pletely abstract painting. The painting was done in 1979 using synthetic polymer and vinyl paint on canvas. Simply put it is drawn on white with black pain. There are no references to any of the conve ... The only things that are present here are feelings that were expressed by the artist on this giant canvas.At first this work seems dull, simplistic and simply uninteresting. It is only when you stop ...

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Van Gogh's "Cypresses"

to illustrate the swirling leaves of the cypresses. The paint is so thick that clots remain on the canvas. The trees, although they are green, have hints of black in them, which evoke feelings of hid ... to tell where one leaf ends and another begins. There is a rhythm to the shapes. Everything on the canvas seems to have a texture, a life of its own.These tumultuous trees are painted against a beaut ...

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, prints, and sculptures. Picasso was among the first to make collages by pasting material onto the canvas.Before his 50th birthday, the Spaniard from Malaga had become the very prototype of the moder ... human body and the most violently irrational, erotic images of Eros and Thanatos ever committed to canvas. He was not a realist painter, still less anyone's official muralist, and yet Guernica remain ...

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Boccioni, A response to the Technical Manifesto of Futurist Sculpture.

curves and straight lines." While this may be true, it does not always make for good art. When your canvas or sculptural field becomes too cluttered, the importance of the main subject is lost. For in ...

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Cubism was one of the strongest art movements in the 20th century that gave birth to many other movements such as futurism and suprematism.

d geometrical to an untrained eye, cubist art do depict real objects. The shapes are flattened onto canvas so that different sides of each shape can be shown simultaneously from many angles. This new ... shape can be shown simultaneously from many angles. This new style gave a 3 dimensional look on the canvas. The cubist movement gave rise to an extraordinary reassessment of the interaction between fo ...

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Western literature has few epics of any real greatness. Of these, The Epic of Gilgamesh is by far the oldest.

res to epics: 1) there is a hero of great national or even universal importance; 2) there is a vast canvas, a setting that may be the whole world or larger; 3) the plot involves battles involving supe ...

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Name of painting: Large interior, Los Angeles Name of painter: David Hockney this is about david hockneys painting in metropoliten museam of art.this is disccription of a painting in art terminologies

tood out with its bright colors and vivid play of light. It's light played with the objects on the canvas and even though there were no people or animals on the painting it felt full of life.This ...

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"What Will it Be, Acrylic or Watercolor?"

amateur and professional painters. Acrylic is a plastic based paint that is usually applied onto a canvas but it can also be used on other surfaces as well. As with any kind of paint, a brush is the ... rfaces as well. As with any kind of paint, a brush is the most common way to apply acrylic onto the canvas or paper. Stiff textured brushes are meant to be used with an acrylic medium because of its t ...

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Art Apperciation, Color and Light, Roles of color and light in artwork.

and hues. They dabble colors to mix them, now mixing them, not mixing them before placement on the canvas. This gave a wide range of colors that are the combinations of color vibrations.Light and col ...

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My views on Georgia O'Keeffe's art works and the way she paints.

and shapes of nature. She would change the scale of an object so much that it would fill up a whole canvas. Like for example "from the faraway nearby", witch is a painting of a deer's skull. The title ...

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This essay is an artisitc analysis of Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper". Included are use of mediums and prespective as well as other dynamics. A short synopsis of the painting is also included.

Last SupperThe Last Supper is a unique painting. One of the reasons it is so different is that the canvas it is painted on is much wider than it is tall. By looking at the painting you can see that d ... e in the middle of the table receiving most of the attention. The painting is most likely done on a canvas with simple oil paints. One feature a viewer might notice is Leonardo's use of rectangles. Wh ...

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Francisco de Goya's The Third of May.

ject matters. Instead, he tried to bring the real people and the society that he observed up to the canvas. Francisco de Goya's early life and personal experiences are reflected in his exceptional pai ... the Prado. Originally painted in fresco on the walls of Goya's country house and now transferred to canvas, they attest to his progressively darkening mood, possibly aggravated by an oppressive politi ...

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A Biography on Famous Russian Artist, Wassily Kandinsky

ery light and high graphics color all in the same form and he also made waved of emotions onto this canvas and towards the people who looked at his art. Kandinsky used many different kinds of whites i ... impression phase which where he would paint the "direct impression" of the outer world and onto the canvas. And then he started to the "improvisation" which means he looked into the inner character an ...

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Bucks County Barn

at is seen without even existing is the background. The background in this painting seems to be the canvas. Usually a barn has many different aspects of nature around it. This painting does not have t ...

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Andres Captured

ssion and submission; they knew they had met their end, the bitter wind blustered through the tough canvas structure - circled around their feet; almost as if the hounds of hell were already gnawing a ... ck, sounds of soldier's boots on hard gravel surrounded the area, casting shadows through the light canvas skin of the walls. Guns were being cocked, the sound of a last chance before the final bullet ...

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