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The Struggle for Land in Vietnam The Vietnamese people had successfully fought for their land for over 2000 years. America was no different from the others that were defeated.

rations before them. The land was available for the people of Vietnam, but they did not own it in a capitalistic sense. Everything the Vietnamese had known was altered by French conquest.When the Fren ... French took over Vietnam, they had certain objectives to accomplish. The main focus was to provide capital accumulation and high profits for investors. They also aimed to obtain raw materials for the ...

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Development Economics: Nature and sources of economic growth

, and easily is constant3.only two goods are produced.AB = Potential growthcapital B AC = Actual growthgoods CAO Consumer goods*Potential economic growth: achieved as a result ... in any one year.*Main limitations:1.Does not include imports - a large source of economic growth - capital importation2.Non-monetary incomes - GDP only measures value of G&S which enter into exch ...

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Redfern-Waterloo confirms McGuircks (2005) theory of 'hybrid urban governance'

nning and implementation of a range of stakeholder interests, thus strengthening its legitimacy and capital accumulation ability (6). The plan itself is a creation of neoliberal tendencies, overlappin ... city, planning has become paramount, so as to insert itself favourably into the global circuits of capital and thus competitively secure its position as a global node of accumulation.(7). Such overla ...

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The Cultural Economy of Fandom: A review on the Article by John Fiske

m under the following headings; Discrimination and Distinction, Productivity and Participation, and Capital Accumulation. He applies these three attributes liberally, as a general application to fando ... elops Bourdieu's paradigm of describing culture as an economy in which people invest and accumulate capital. The cultural system works like the economic system by distributing its' resources inequitab ...

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Industrial Upgrade in China

ODM (original design manufacturer) and OBM (original brand name manufacturer), the former provides capital accumulation and technological accumulation for the latter, while laying the groundwork for ... c globalization has increasingly deepening, interdependence among international goods, services and capital market is continually deepening, and pyramid structure of worldwide industrial labor divisio ...

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Contract Farming in India: Impact & Implications

, contract farming is attractive to the farmer because it gives him access to additional sources of capital, brings in new technology, and ensures a more certain, and possibly better, price for his pr ... contracts.The contract farming company benefits because the system makes smaller demands on scarce capital resources, is an alternative to costly and risky corporate farming, and often provides acces ...

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FDI and economic growth

rring technology and for higher growth when the host country had a minimum threshold stock of human capital. Their results indicated also that the main way that FDI increases economic growth is by inc ... FDI increases economic growth is by increasing technological progress, instead of increasing total capital accumulation in the host country. They used the gross FDI which refers only to inflows, repo ...

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