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about the common cause

grassroots lobbying activities of Common Cause members and reinforced with professional lobbying on Capitol Hill. His nonpartisan, citizens' lobbying group made an immediate impact.Within a year, more ...

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Congress - this essay gives a snap shot of the current make-up of our Congress, brief definitions and demographics...

. During a typical session, a member of Congress will spend about nine or ten months of the year on Capitol Hill. He/She will be required to serve on some type of committee, and will be required to do ... ey is what makes the world go around, it is no surprise that a rich banker would be well-suited for Capitol Hill. The average age of a Congress member being above forty five proves that most Americans ...

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No Coins, Please

the country. Me running off and selling something in Nebraska, or setting up a gambling station on Capitol Hill in Washington.Then we got to Las Vegas, where all my plans were ruined.It all started w ...

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The Kennedey Assaination.

n November 22. He was elected president in 1961. First he was a senator. Then he went straight from Capitol Hill to the White House. Robert Kennedy was attorney general and was J. F. K.'s brother. He ...

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US Senate Vs. The House of Representative.

ut they each has developed certain distinctive features that clearly distinguish life on one end of Capitol Hill from conditions on the other. The Senate wing is on the north side of the Capitol build ...

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Short Summary of Congressman Bob Ney

and a Deputy Majority Whip.As Chairman of House Administration, Ney has oversight of the entire US Capitol, and is known by other Congressman as, "the Mayor of Capitol Hill". With his subcommittee ch ...

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Maya Angelou

buildings in Washington D.C. where government organizations meet and do business. The White House, Capitol Hill, and other establishments all apply to this theory, and are white in color as well.In t ...

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Economic Trends 2009

overnment:The U.S. Federal Government is at a stand still right now. With the most recent issues on Capitol Hill with the banks going under and financial stability non existent the federal government ...

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Stem Cell Research

n the dubiously moral concerns of the religious right. Given the tremendous amount of time spent on Capitol Hill wrestling over healthcare reform, how is it that America's leaders are not jumping at t ...

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Analyse why some US pressure groups are more successful than others in achieving their aims and objectives.

ress with jobs in the lobbying sector, and hired by groups wishing to use their expert knowledge of Capitol Hill and their contacts there to influence decisions. A recent study conducted by Public Cit ... For instance, in November 2007, Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi suddenly announced he was leaving Capitol Hill to set up a new lobbying firm with former Senator John Breux, a Democrat from Louisiana ...

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