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Chem Lab, do ions combine in definite ratios.

rve, and create a table of the different ions.QUESTIONIf copper (II) sulfate when mixed with sodium carbonate at different quantities combine to form ions in definite ratios.HYPOTHESIS / PREDICTIONI b ... definite ratios.EXPERIMENTAL DESIGNA technique is performed in which copper (II) sulfate and sodium carbonate are placed together in various test tubes, with various quantities of each chemical and a ...

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are also corrosive. When acids react with metals they form hydrogen gas. When an acid reacts with a carbonate it forms carbon dioxide, water, and a salt. Acids can cause skin to burn so you should be ...

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Thermal Decomposition of Metal carbonates

is to determine the order of the reactivity series by investigating the thermal breakdown of metal carbonates.HypothesisWhen a metal is thermally decomposed the bond between the metal and its carbona ... ally decomposed the bond between the metal and its carbonate (carbon and oxygen) is removed and the carbonate is released as cerbon dioxide. The reactivity series determines how fast this reaction occ ...

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Chemistry of water treatment

lig; 2Al(OH)3 (s) + 3CaSO4 + 6CO2 (g), where aluminum sulfate (alum) is the coagulant and calcium bicarbonate gives the extra alkalinity needed to precipitate aluminum hydroxide (Cheremisinoff, 96, Fa ... ulation (int 16, 1). Ferric sulfate (Fe2(SO4)3) is also a common coagulant, reacting with calcium bicarbonate to precipitate Fe(OH)3 in the reaction Fe2(SO4)3 + 3Ca(HCO3)2 ¡æ 2Fe(OH)3 (s)+ ...

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Alkalinity of aqueous systems

VanessaStudent number: 2029474HEV 4031Kershaw PaulALKALINITY OF AQUEOUS SYSTEMSINVESTIGATION OF THE CARBONATE /BICARBONATE SYSTEMAIMSThis laboratory session should enable the operator:1. To define and ... hat constitutes a buffer system.3. To understand the buffering capacity of chemical species such as carbonate and bicarbonate.4. To gain knowledge of the carbonate/bicarbonate system and its environme ...

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Types of hemical reactions - Practical Report-(Refer to word document for subscripts,tables and correct characters.)

different types of chemical reactions through a series of tests and observations.Decomposition of a carbonate by heatingApparatus:SpatulaBunsenTest tube (x2)Copper (II) carbonateStopper and delivery t ... Copper (II) carbonateStopper and delivery tubeLimewaterProcedure:1. Place a spatular of Copper (II) carbonate (CuCO2) in a test tube.2. Fit with stopper and delivery tube leading into another test tub ...

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Investigating The Factors Which Affect The Rate of Reaction Between Limestone and Acid Rain(Hydrochloric Acid)

cannot neutralize the acid being deposited, damage occurs. When an acid is neutralised by a carbonateA SALT, WATER, and CARBON DIOXIDE.Acid + Carbonate à Salt + ... à Salt + Water + Carbon DioxideHydrochloric Acid + Calcium Carbonate à Calcium Chloride +Carbon Dioxide +Water2HCl + CaCO3 à CaC ...

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Experiment on the Decomposition of a Carbonate

AIM: To carry out a lab experiment to decompose a carbonate using heat, also to carry out appropriate tests for the formation of products as a result ... y out appropriate tests for the formation of products as a result of this decomposition.DISSCUSION: Carbonates are decomposed by heat into the corresponding oxides and carbon dioxide. The temperature ... s upon the activity of the metal; that is to say, the more active the metal, the more stable is the carbonate. Thus, the carbonates of sodium and potassium are stable at the highest temperature of a B ...

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Biology Notes: Grade 12

inorganic mineral (produced chemicals but now they are synthesized without having to extract, also carbonate & cyanide compounds)6 common organic compounds in order of abundance from least to mos ...

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