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Biology notes on Amphibians.

r more closely related to amphibians than are coelacanths.Amphibians first became common during the Carboniferous period. Biologist marked this time as the age of amphibians. By the late Carboniferous ... environment, sharing it with pelycosaurs and other early reptiles. In the Permian period, after the Carboniferous, amphibians increased to a total of 40 families. During the early Permian period a rem ...

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A brief History of Life on Earth.

evonian there was another 75% mass extinction of all marine life due to climatic circumstances. The Carboniferous (354-290 mya) brought large amounts of glacial formation on Gondwana. Terrestrial anim ... rmation on Gondwana. Terrestrial animals diversified and some of the first reptiles appeared during Carboniferous period. During the Permian period (290-245 mya), all of the continents came together t ...

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Global Warming: Serious But Overlooked Threat

Global warming can be stopped before any appalling damage occurs.---HISTORY/BACKGROUND---During the Carboniferous period, which was about 300 million years ago, the weather was much warmer and wetter ...

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SCI 275 Mitigation Strategies and Solutions

he dinosaurs which is where the name fossil fuels comes from. The age they formed in was called the Carboniferous Period and was part of the Paleozoic Era. "Carboniferous" gets its name from carbon wh ... boniferous" gets its name from carbon which is the basic element in coal and other fossil fuels.The carboniferous period occurred from about 360 to 286 million years ago. At that time, the land was co ...

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d high carbon content. Anthracite is 86-98 percent carbon. It is rare.5. Coal was formed during the Carboniferous period, when the climate was warm and humid. There were huge swamps with forests of pr ...

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