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Experiment 1: IR Unknown/Spectroscopy Assignment FOURIER-TRANSFORM INFRARED SPECTROSCOPY

5.87 Medium Sharp peaksAromatic C-H 3062.31 Weak Small peaksCarbonyl Group 1694.56 Strong Sharp peakDiscussion: From a list of alcohols, ... , an unknown was selected and taken its IR spectrum. From the IR spectrum for unknown #53, a strong carbonyl peak (1694.56cm-1) was first noted to rule out hydrocarbon possibilities. Secondly, no broa ...

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The Aldol Condensation: Synthesis of Dibenzalacetone

o completion (Le Chatelier's principle). Being a very strong nucleophile, this enolate attacked the carbonyl of benzaldehyde and formed an alkoxide ion. This alkoxide ion abstracted a proton from wate ... ids, proteins, nucleic acids, and numerous others, are biosynthesized through pathways that involve carbonyl condensation reactions. Condensations are reactions that add together two or more molecules ...

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Reactions of C=C Terminated Self-Assembled Monolayers in Gas-Phase Ozone

rganic monolayers on silicon react with ozone; a band at 1860cm-1 shows the formation of a strained carbonyl species; oxidation of Au - S bonds in saturated self-assembled monolayers of alkanethiols o ...

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Aldol Synthesis of Dibenzalacetone

5.95 cm-1. In this range, the stretches are most likely indicating the presence of alkenes, C=C and carbonyl group, C=O (or ketone).H NMR analysisFrom the H NMR analysis the significant (and relevant) ... ost downfield proton; the α hydrogen is indeed the most deshielded proton, as it is next to a carbonyl group - a withdrawing group. The doublets peak mirrors a vicinal carbon with one hydrogen; ...

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Substituents on Aromatic Aldehydes and How They Affect E/Z Selectivity in the Wittig Reaction

rted the hypothesis that the ratio would be closer to 1:1 as the substituent moved further from the carbonyl.Introduction:The purpose of this experiment is to determine how a nitro group on benzaldehy ... complete due to steric hindrance.The Wittig Reaction is a specific type of nucleophilic addition to carbonyls to form an alkene. This reaction is very important and powerful because a C-C bond is form ...

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Qualitative Tests for Carbonyls: Aldehydes vs. Ketones. Various chemical tests identifying ketones and aldehydes are used in this experiment in order to identify an unknown carbonyl compound.

Laboratory #6Qualitative Tests for Carbonyls: Aldehydes vs. KetonesIntroductionVarious chemical tests identifying ketones and aldehydes ... tests identifying ketones and aldehydes are used in this experiment in order to identify an unknown carbonyl compound. The tests used are: 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazone test, Tollen's Test, Benedict's Te ...

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