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CIF contract of sale components

receives them. According to the Icoterms 1990, the seller must "A3 (b) Obtain at his own experience cargo insurance as agreed in the contract, that the buyer, or any other person haying an insurable i ... is very important too. This is because the buyer must receive the same invoice in order to pay the cargo. Another important duty for the seller is to obtain all export licenses. This means the seller ...

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Exploring ocean transportation focused on freight forwarder

carriage of goods by sea with a shipper.2."Shipper" or "Consignor" means a person that delivers the cargo to the carrier in relation to the contract of carriage.3."Buyer" or "Consignee" means the pers ... f the seller.5."Insurer" means the person that issues the agreement with the merchant to insure the cargo during transit.Documents and Transportation Procedure1.Sales Contract (commercial invoice); Se ...

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Business Law Analysis: Carriage of goods by sea.

going tanker was the Gluckauf , built in Britain in 1886. Its weight (when it was full loaded with cargo, fuels and passengers) was 2,740 tones and a speed of 11 knots (MICROSOFT ENCARTA 96).Finally ... vets in the ship construction. At last, on May 22, 1958 we have the first nuclear-powered passenger-cargo ship called Savannah, but in 1962 it did not prove financially successful (MICROSOFT ENCARTA 9 ...

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Building Quality Organizations ASSIGNMENT 3

Systems, one at Kolkata and the other at Haldia. Sophisticated Port facilities for handling diverse cargo like break bulk, bulk, containers, etc. are available with extensive storage facility. The Por ... h as Hong Kong, Singapore and Pusan, India's ports have experienced a decline in the growth rate of cargo volumes. Worries about a decline in international competitiveness and "hollowing out" make the ...

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The case law study of multi-modal transport issue

ontract with a UK based company-VMeen Business Corporation for supply of Eastern food products. The cargo was to be shipped in Taiwan and destination was Kent. Chopstix Corporation has engaged Hasslef ... ation was Kent. Chopstix Corporation has engaged Hasslefree Transporters for transporting the above cargo from its premises to Kent. It was specified that the cargo be put in containers where the temp ...

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Is the rise of intermodal international logistics affecting the operations of manufacturing companies?

ry about organising each mode, rather that he needs to be aware that different modes may be used so cargo should be packed accordingly. Overall transportation and logistics costs are lowered by select ... s into this system beginning in the 1950's with experiments using standard sized containers to hold cargo. Before the 1960's, when container use was less common, ocean cargo transportation cost approx ...

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Transportation Assignment

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Maritime Security

and improved and simplified scheduling and controlling, resulting in a profitable physical flow of cargo. Regarding operations, we need to distinguish whether we refer just to a container (which in t ... a temporarily limited storage on the container yard. Today over 60% of the world's deep-sea general cargo is transported in containers, whereas some routes, especially between economically strong and ...

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Introduction for Government Logistics Centre (Chai Wan)

nt.Then, we have visited the Material Store. There have many district or area to store materials or cargos. Beside many cargos or material putting in the depot, there is some equipment that assists th ... flow of these materials. For example, there have a fork-lift truck that assists the movement of the cargo or material. Also, at the Material Store, there have an operator explain the general operation ...

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Operational Practices & Policy to Mitigate Risks on Multi-purpose Ships & Maintain Port Equipment

IntroductionAccording to IMO (2005), there is a bulk fleet of over 46,222 consisting of general cargo ships, bulk carriers, tankers, passenger ships, containerships, and various specialist vessels ... hips, containerships, and various specialist vessels trading around the world on general & bulk cargoes that are mainly manufactures products, agricultural products, fuels and mining products.Gene ...

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The Meanings and Effects of ConlineBill 2000

t the issues with regards to carriage of goods at sea often arises whenever there are disputes over cargo damage; whether or not to apply certain limitation as per Hague or Hague-Visby Rules, or the U ... the consignor; the consignee; the legal holder of the bill of lading or endorsee; the owner of the cargo; any person entitled to possession of the cargo.Clause 2 - NotificationThis clause is designed ...

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with 102,194 commercial ships worldwide. On rivers and canals, barges are often used to carry bulk cargo. 3. Air: Cargo is transported by air in specialized cargo aircraft and in the luggage compartm ... stination, it requires handling several times while in transit, depending on the shipment route Air Cargo and Freight Forwarding - This industry involves many international shipments such as UPS or Fe ...

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