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The History and Background of the Cajueiro (Cashew) plant, a resource from the rainforest.

The Cajueiro, also known as a cashew or Anacardium occidentale, is native to Brazil and certain areas of South and Central America ... ellow flowers grow on spikes and the fruit of the tree is a red or yellow pear-shaped object with a cashew nut that hangs below it.Almost every part of the tree is harvested and used. The cashew nut i ... oriasis, and ulcers. While the cajueiro has many other uses, those are the main purposes.The nut or cashew part of the fruit, is very hard to extract from its outer shell. It must first be roasted unt ...

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Write a poem of not more than 40 lines about a journey.

gh forest thick the truckhops along the rutted road,past leaf hidden shantiesThe tang of fermenting cashewsIs strong enough to choke.We journey on, deeper into the unknown.Our driver points out the ra ... ghorde of rowdy touristsbathing in sun dappled water.A whoop. The monkey man callsdown his minions.'Cashew, Cashew, 50 rupee'.Survival of the strongest,the ruthless, the most commercial.We bask until ...

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