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Ethical Hedonism.

that is classic in the literature of this school, "the greatest happiness of the greatest number" (Catholic Encyclopedia, 2003 Online Edition)Resources: ... /hedonism.htm - The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Catholic Encyclopedia Online Edition

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Pope Gregory the Great.

ce holder in Rome - "serving the people" , according to Historia Francorum, by Arndt and Krusch.The Catholic Encyclopedia tells us that Gregory provided for "the temporal needs of the people," and reg ... , would distract him from the other. Evidence shows that this did not apply to Gregory. Treasury of Catholic Reading by John Chapin, shows that Gregory was constantly in touch with his subjects, provi ...

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A short Lincoln-Douglas debate case (can be used as an essay), arguing the importance of nonviolence.

tionary as "standards of behaviour, or principles of right and wrong." Obligation is defined by the Catholic Encyclopedia as "bond which by a legal necessity binds us to do something according to the ...

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The importance of the social contract as a necessary tool for any functional government.

tionary as "standards of behaviour, or principles of right and wrong." Obligation is defined by the Catholic Encyclopedia as "bond which by a legal necessity binds us to do something according to the ...

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The Court structure.

ned by the Brehon law, however it was somewhat disturbed in 1169 by the Anglo-Norman invasions. The Catholic encyclopedia states that "Brehon law is the usual term for Irish native law, as administere ...

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Early history of the Bahamas.

492, Christopher Columbus made his first landfall in the Western Hemisphere in The Bahamas.The 1907 Catholic Encyclopedia wrote, "Historically the islands are of interest, because one of them San Salv ...

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Pro-life and Religious Views of Abortion

consequence for abortion during any phase of pregnancy which is excommunication. The current Roman Catholic Church considers the 5th commandment (Thou shall not kill) as the rule governing the existe ... ught and all reasonable efforts are made to avoid them, and if the direct effect is positive” (Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 1). An example of this would be in the case of an ectopic pregnancy (p ...

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The Synoptic Gospels

existence of which was practically unknown to the ancient ecclesiastical writers as defined in the Catholic encyclopedia"� (Synoptics). "These gospels recall the same events of Jesus' life in ...

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Abelard And Heloise

ility to frontier a philosophical movement that cultivated a nothing-is-sacred position towards the Catholic Church. Abelard's Aristotelian views of Nominalism, and then new idea Conceptualism taught ... d's arguments can still be seen today floating around in modern religious debate, I found them in a Catholic encyclopedia-- a nexus for theological confusion-- but a true thermometer for the affect of ...

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What is Happiness?

ing. In pursuit of happiness he trusts that reason and nature interact as one. The article from the catholic encyclopedia states ??nature is human nature as a whole. This is both rational and sensuous ... ith only faculty exercised, both intellectual and spiritual are, which was stated, ??allowed by all Catholic schools that both faculties play their part in the operation which is to constitute at once ...

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In His Name

error, and because, written by the Inspiration of the Holy Ghost, they have God for their Author." ~Catholic Encyclopedia, vol. VI, p. 543. Note: This 1546 Dogma of the Infallible Church was thus reaf ... Clement VIII, 1592-1605, the 'Latin Vulgate,' after years of revision attained its present shape." ~Catholic Encyclopedia, vol. xii, p. 769.And, even the Christian martyrs are but a mere fantasy, crea ...

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