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Evolution of Riddles.

n did they come from, nobody knows. I, myself belive that riddles started all the way back with the cavemen. I can easly picture them drawing pictures on the walls of caves, pointing and gruting the w ...

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Time To Drive

planet long before myself, who thought of the car as the best thing to ever happen to them, to the cavemen. It all stared when one of the beings decided to give us the wheel. Then they gave us anothe ...

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Lord of the Flies: The Transformation Into Savagery. This essay explores the consequences of human life when isolated from society.

Attack of the apes! After studying evolution, one may believe that humans evolved from cavemen, a prehistoric or primitive human that lived in caves. These cavemen were believed to be sav ... ting for animals and in the killing of their own kind. In today's society, humans have evolved from cavemen into a more civilized and calm stature appropriate for a healthy lifestyle. However, at time ...

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History of Painting

process of creation. This vocabulary has been developing since primitive time, ever since the first cavemen starting to paint animals on cave walls. These pictures have a very magical attribute about ...

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Science Fiction Essay - "Planet of the Apes": There should scientific elements that are to be considered, use them in your essay if you can.

characters like for example "Dr Zeis" his henchmen are given every possible weapon to hunt down the cavemen, for example they are given horses, nets and ammunition.Conventional characters are also exp ...

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Philosophy of One Century is the Common Sense of the Next.

will be spread among diverse cultures and become common point of view.In prehistory of human, most cavemen drew on the sand or on the wall of a cave to communicate, those images, if being observed by ...

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Why Have Men Been The Dominant Sex In Relationships Until Now?

y women have played the submissive roll in relationships may date back before written history. Take cavemen for example, the women stayed at home and nurtured the children while cooking the food the m ...

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Life After Death

. The belief in an afterlife has existed in many different religions and cultures since the time of cavemen. For example, archeologists have found flints and food in a Neanderthal's grave, indicating ...

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"Lord of the Flies" has no Relevance to Today's Modern Audience

of relevance to the modern day Australian. The characters that are in the story remind you more of cavemen than of human beings. But if you understand what the book is trying to convey you would thin ...

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Fine Automobiles (persuasive)

ts in view and situations on the average individual's mind that they may not think much of what the cavemen of the past thought about, such as the sun. So, now that the sun is no big deal, what is? Th ...

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Liberal studies

throughout history, developing in tandem with the human species itself. We have gone from primitive cavemen, using fire to seal wounds, to a society, at least in America, which can prevent and cure so ...

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Fire 2

zing as a force on vegetation because of such feedback effects (Whelan, 1995, 20).Fire History When cavemen learned to make and use fire, they could start to live in civilized ways. With fire, they we ...

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Dandelion Wine (Machines Rob Us Of Precious Things

ple have been trying to find easy ways out of everything and reduce the amount of work. Such as the cavemen who fell upon the idea of the wheel to make an easier means to transport things. As years go ...

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Dandelion Wine

ple have been trying to find easy ways out of everything and reduce the amount of work. Such as the cavemen who fell upon the idea of the wheel to make an easier means to transport things. As years go ...

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Beam Me Up Scotty!

in Mongolia when it happened. The Icly family was huddling in their cave next to a fire. They were cavemen, and it was 50,000 B.C. , the Ice Age. Darco Icly recognized the dreadful sound first, and k ...

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Witches I think that witch-hunts are not gone, but have

witches as decreased over time as we learn more about something called common since. It's like the cavemen who didn't know about fire, but over time they learned not to fear it. Witchcraft was outrag ...

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ones. They were used to differentiate status, tribes, and family members. Weapons and Tools made by cavemen date back to about 2 million years. They were used for defense, hunting, cooking, and many o ... e now part of our society. They basis of many artifacts that we still use today were created by the cavemen.

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Nature of Logic and Perception

er, doing laundry, helping kids with homework and answering the phone. This is nature at work. As cavemen, men were the hunters, women the gatherers. Survival instincts dictated men had to become i ...

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The Legacy of Guitars

The guitar has always played an essential role in music. From cavemen plucking strings on ancient acoustic guitars to Eric Clapton executing precise riffs at unim ...

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Winston Churchill

Since man first walked the earth, there have been leaders among them. From the cavemen in their villages, to the pyramids of ancient Egypt, all the way up until where we stand now ...

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