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Meet Mr. Computer, tyoical use of a computer

ore and said, "Whoa! What a chick!"? I am sure you would have, if you were familiar with the new 16xCD-ROMand extra wide SCSI-2 9.0 GB hard drive it features, or if you knew aboutthe dual 225 MHz Pent ... P.U.or the central processing unit, a keyboard, a monitor, a mouse, and if youwant, a printer and a CD - ROM drive. The C.P.U. is that part of acomputer that faithfully does what his master tells him ...

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The Games Sony Play.

in the game industry. Sony's PlayStation story started with Nintendo Co. that wanted to incorporate CD-ROM (Sony's technology) into their gaming system. Sony agreed to create the PlayStation, a system ... aming system. Sony agreed to create the PlayStation, a system that would allow playing games from a CD-ROM drive. However, the two companies couldn't agree with the conditions and the deal was cancell ...

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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=CREATING A BOOTABLE CD-ROM=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=WARNING: Creating a Bootable CD-ROM is intended for the advanced us ... otable floppy disks andhow to create and edit DOS CONFIG.SYS and/or AUTOEXEC.BAT files.Adaptec Easy CD Creator allows you to create CDs that you can boot from.However, not all systems support booting ... systems support booting from CD-ROMs. Here is what youwill need:1.) If your computer has a built-in CD-ROM drive, you should check yoursystem BIOS settings and see if you can enable Bootable CD-ROMsup ...

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Writer 2 under Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0 1 Insert the Creative Writer 2 disc in your computer's CD-ROM drive.Creative Writer 2 Setup will start. If it does not start, double-click the My Computer ... mately 1MB of additional space. Also, additional hard disk space is required for creating documents.CD-ROM drive: 2X CD-ROM drive: This CD-ROM drive can transfer data from the CD-ROM at 300 KB per sec ...

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Cd roms

CD:ROM drives are the thing of the future. CD:ROMs are used in almost every computer around the worl ... een ninty's they are totally outdated becaus of the lack of space they have and the lack of speed.A CD:ROM can hold more information than both of them put together. CD:ROMs hold up to four hundred meg ... t all the information you install in to your computer goes. Inside a hard drive it looks like large CD:ROM , but this one is magnetic. If you open one up it will look like egular record player. The ne ...

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option, however, less convenient; laptops are being used by millions of people everyday, so with a CD-ROM drive and a GPS antenna, you can hook up your laptop to your car with an antenna and have the ... with cars, planes or boats, you can easily at any time hook the antenna up to a laptop, and put the CD in if you're ever lost, anywhere, any time and for any reason. It's a new age compass that does m ...

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Windows XP

ne processor that I prefer is the AMD-K7 processor. Your system will also need to have an installed CD-ROM drive and an available floppy drive. Now you are ready to begin the installation. The ... The first step in installing MS Windows XP Professional is to insert the compact disk into you CD-ROM drive. Most systems will automatically run the installation program once the compact disk is ...

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