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FungiFungi is a group of single celled or multicellular organism which obtain their food by the absorption of nutrient from it's sur ... Food is dissolved by the enzymes from which the fungi excrete and is later absorbed by the fungi's cell walls. Fungi plays an important part in the decaying and decomposition of organisms.Fungi were ... though that scientist crated a whole kingdom for fungi. Fungi are classified as having a eukaryotic cell type, which is they have no internal bound membrane structures .Fungi are usually multicellular ...

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Discuss the xylem and phloem. (Structure, Changes in the Xylem of Woody Plants, Transport)

XylemStructureXylem's structure serves a duel purpose; support and transport. Cells that will become xylem add more material to the primary cell walls that most plant cells lay d ... ost plant cells lay down. The thicker walls can be either disconnected rings or extensive secondary cell walls that cover the cell almost completely. Secondary thickenings are made up of cellulose and ... cellulose and lignin. Lignin is a tough organic compound that makes wood strong and dense. When the cell walls of xylem conducting cells are complete they die. The contents within the cell disintegrat ...

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Biology...defenses of the body against bacteria, diseases...etc.

he growth of many pathogens. Sweat also contains the enzyme lysozyme, which attacks and digests the cell walls of many bacteria.Internal surfaces of the body though which pathogens could pass are cove ... act. Mucous membranes not only serve as a barrier to pathogens, but also produce chemical defenses. Cells lining the bronchi and bronchioles in the respiratory tract secrete a layer of sticky mucus th ...

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All about Bacteria.

NotesBacteria are small, single cells and are the only ones characterized by prokaryotic organization. Too tiny to see with the nake ... nly ones characterized by prokaryotic organization. Too tiny to see with the naked eye, a bacterial cell is usually one of three basic shapes; bacillus, a rod shaped cell; coccus, a spherical cell; or ... f three basic shapes; bacillus, a rod shaped cell; coccus, a spherical cell; or spirillum, a spiral cell. A few kinds of bacteria aggregate into stalked structures or filaments.A bacterium's plasma me ...

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Biology AT1-osmosis in potatoes.

smosisSkill area PAimTo investigate a factor which might affect the movement of water in and out of cells.IntroductionOsmosis is the movement of water in and out of cell membranes, which act as semi-p ... r in and out of cell membranes, which act as semi-permeable membranes. Semi permeable membranes are cells, which only take in a limited amount of a liquid. The water passes from a region of high to a ...

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Eukaryotic Cells, all organelles explained with functions.

Eukaryotic Cell vs. Prokaryotic EssayA eukaryotic plant cell consists of many organelles, a cell wall, and a nu ... ayA eukaryotic plant cell consists of many organelles, a cell wall, and a nucleus. Unlike an animal cell, plant cells have cell walls that allow them to bind to other plant cells, hold their structure ... to bind to other plant cells, hold their structure, and prevent excessive water intake. Young plant cells have a primary cell wall, which is thin and fairly flexible. Between the primary cell walls is ...

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"The Shadowed Man Part Two" Please see part one for more details.

I found myself awake in a room unfamiliar to me. I lay on a hard concrete floor, surrounded by gray cell walls. Black bars were to the left of me, and I rolled over to look out them. A hall full of ce ... stood, and pushed against the bars, rattling them, wanting freedom. No windows were contained in my cell. Just a small bed and toilet."Hey! You! Shut up down there!" The man roared at me as my ratting ...

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Lab report on Enterobacteriaceae and other Gram Negative Rods. Description of certain bacteria and tests used to identify them

h of 2.0-6.0 mm. In the majority of strains they have a capsule or a microcapsule present and their cell walls are gram negative.They are either motile, from the presence of peritrichous flagellum or ... e acid and gases from catabolising D-glucose. They reduce nitrates and usually ferment L-arabinose, cellubio, glycerol and maltose.They occur in human and animal faeces and they are opportunistic path ...

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Essay on bacterial cell wall composition

Bacterial Cell Wall CompositionAlmost all bacteria have cell walls surrounding the cell membranes. This cell w ... l walls surrounding the cell membranes. This cell wall helps to do important functions, like confer cell shape, and protect the cell from lysis when in low solute environments. There are three classif ... cell from lysis when in low solute environments. There are three classifications used in describing cell walls: Gram Positive (Gram+), Gram Negative (Gram-) and Acid-Fast. These membranes share a comm ...

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Evolutionary Adaptations to Flowering Plants

e conduction of water and minerals and also provides mechanical support. In addition to the primary cell wall that all plants have, xylem cells have a secondary cell wall that gives them additional st ... cells have a secondary cell wall that gives them additional strength. Sometimes, the walls of xylem cells have pits, or places where the secondary cell wall is absent. Most xylem cells are dead at mat ...

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Notes on chapters of Botany covering the topics: Multicellular Algae, Mosses/Ferns, Plants with Seeds, Seed Plant Reproduction, Plant Structure, and Control of Plant Growth/Development

Chapter 20: Multicellular AlgaeCharacteristics of Algae-Algae are photosynthetic organisms-Live in streams, ponds, la ... ther-Water in which algae live provides CO2, oxygen, nutrients, and carries away wastes-Can be multicellular or unicellular-Algae cells have cell walls-Algae have chlorophyll a and other chlorphylls-R ... not need stemlike structures-Water keeps them supported-Sexual reproduction is easier in water-Sex cells can swim through waterChlorophyll and Accessory Pigments-Major problem for water plants is lac ...

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esigned to cure or prevent infections. For example, penicillin kills bacteria by attaching to their cell walls, then destroying a key part of the wall. The wall falls apart, and the bacterium dies. Re ... of the wall. The wall falls apart, and the bacterium dies. Resistant microbes, however, alter their cell walls so penicillin can't bind or produce enzymes that dismantle the antibiotic. In another sce ...

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Health and Eating Smart

stes, and regulates the body's temperature. Water carries nutrients along the digestive path to the cells by liquefying food and moving it through the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. Wh ... food is absorbed into the blood water regulates the concentration of nutrients on both sides of the cell walls.Carbohydrates are the body's primary source of energy. Energy from simple carbohydrates s ...

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Never Give Up Hope

al knowledge of the biology of seedlings told me that they have very tiny root systems and no 2° cell walls. They also are very vulnerable to drought, grazing, and to over watering, which produces ...

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Chinese Canadian

t were imprisoned Chinese immigrants vividly expresses their sorrow and anger in their poems on the cell walls of the Immigration Building in Victoria, B.C. It was a prison for Chinese Immigrants. The ...

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very complex. Many varieties of full-grown adult plants can regenerate from single, modified plant cells called protoplasts plant cells whose cell walls have been removed by enzymatic digestion. (Pet ... e carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, petunias, and cabbage. Being able to grow a whole new plant from one cell means that researchers can engage in the genetic manipulation of the cell, let the cell develop ...

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Assessment: Infectious Diseases, Antibiotic resistance, Cataracts

cteria and is known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis.HOST:The tubercle bacillus affects the human host cell. The host-microbe intercation regarding tuberculosis is still unknown and is being researched a ... RELATING TO ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE1. For a named antibiotic, describe how it affects bacteria at the cellular level.PENICILLIN works by preventing a very inportant part of bacterial cell formation-the ...

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lete when all of the water molecules have been evenly spread out and can take place either in plant cells or animal cells, so long as a partially permeable membrane is present. Osmosis can also be con ... s an artificial permeable membrane. So how does Osmosis take place? When you put an animal or plant cell into liquid containing water, one of three things can happen. In the 1st option, if the medium ...

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Scientific Taxonomy and Earth's Biodiversity

pecies have different characteristics, the fact is that all of them are generally eukaryotic, multi-cellular, heterotrophic, lack cell walls, are motile, and usually pass through a blastula stage as a ...

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Impact of Light and Electron Microscope on Cell Theory

e development of the light microscope many scientists were able to view microscopic objects such as cells. The first to accomplish this was Robert Hooke when he used a light microscope to observe a th ... e a thin slice of cork. Hooke observed that the cork was made of tiny structures of which he called cells. Hooke was in fact looking at the cell walls of dead plant cells that make up the cork. After ...

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