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Relationships between certain Organelles.

This complex molecule carries the information, which the cell needs to divide and carry out all its cellular processes. Inside eukaryotic cells, the DNA is associated with histone proteins, and is cal ...

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Biology Revision

h:The function of genes is to ensure that the correct proteins are produced in a cell to enable all cellular processes continue. Mitosis enables the genetic material to be copied correctly when new ce ... cells are formed. Different types of cells become specialised for different functions within a multicellular organism.Distinguish between infectious and non-infectious disease: An Infectious diseases ...

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Escherichia Coli Absorbancy of Green Florescent Protein through Heat Shock

activated when subject to external stress, come into play. These proteins are produced normally in cellular processes but stay dormant until their function is necessary. The heat-shock proteins are d ...

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Phosphorylation in Yeast.

organic molecule. Protein phosphorylation in particular plays a significant role in a wide range of cellular processes. In Biochemistry protein phosphorylation has made a significant contribution in r ... dine, arginine or lysine.Protein phosphorylation catalysed by protein kinases plays a major role in cellular signaling. There are thousands of distinct phosphorylation sites in a given cell because th ...

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