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A speech about horse racing, the history, the crime involoved, and the betting system.

ustry and the 2nd most widely attended spectator sport after baseball. It started around 4500 bc in central Asia and for thousands of years was the sport of kings and nobility. The main reason horse-r ... rmarini was suspended when five of her horses were tested positive for benzilpiperazine. Which is a central nervous stimulant similar to the drug Ecstasy. But most states don't really have any interes ...

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Did Russian settlers in Latvia and Estonia form a non-Soviet identity during the Diaspora of the USSR?

Throughout Eastern Europe, across the Caucasus and as far away as the old silk roads of Central Asia we still see the former Soviet republics struggling to establish themselves as part of ...

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The Black Death: The Darkest Period of European History.

at the plague was exclusive to Europe only, but that's not the case. The black plague originated in central Asia, in the Gobi desert during the 1320's. It quickly moved southward and eastward, into ch ...

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This essay discusses one of the sections of Buddhism.

movement was probably started by small groups of religious individuals in northern India as well as Central Asia. Presently, most followers live in East Asia. The majority of Buddhist follow the Mahay ...

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The Gobi Desert and Desertification.

hey can to survive in such a harsh environment: the Gobi Desert.LOCATIONThe Gobi desert is found in Central Asia, in the southern parts of Mongolia, and in the northern parts of China. It is to the no ... trimental.In conclusion, the legendary Gobi Desert is one of the world's greatest deserts. Found in central-eastern Asia to the north of another great region, the Himalayan mountains, it combines roll ...

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Was the Civilizing Mission truly meant to civilize the people of Central Asia?

superpowers - Victorian Britain and Tsarist Russia over the lonely passes and the blazing desert of Central Asia. I would say that the great game was much like an enormous game of chess; with Russia s ... never made clear in Hopkirk's book that the true Russian dream was the conquest of India and not of Central Asia, but I think that it was indirectly implied. When Younghusband met colonel Yanov he rec ...

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About Cetral Asian Politics

CULTURAL SOVIETIZATION OF CENTRAL ASIAFormation of the Soviet rule in Central Asia gave a birth to the process of Sovietizatio ... Sovietization of Central Asian countries. "Sovietization" played a significant role in the life of Central Asia. It greatly influenced Central Asian states in many ways - politically, economically, c ... olitically, economically, culturally, etc. Of course, Sovietization made very beneficial changes in Central Asia and its further development, but it also had its own disadvantages as well. Let us take ...

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Mahayana Buddhism.

Mahayana BuddhismThe Mahayana Buddhism movement has its beginnings in northern India and Central Asia around 410 B.C.E. and is well rooted in the Theravada School. However, the Mahayanists ...

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This was a short essay pertaining to the Art of Ancient Greece. I titled it "The Art of Ancient Greece."

. This immense concentration of people was due to Siberian tribes searching for new farming land in central Asia. By the year 1000 BC, Greek culture began emerge after numerous waves of migration. By ...

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The Influence of Chinese Culture on Buddhism

problems (Sanskrit to Chinese). Because Buddhism first entered through China's trading routes with Central Asia, it was seen as the religion of foreign merchants. Consequently, Large scale translatio ...

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An essay on the history and present western and american intervention in the middle east.

the control of the world's most valuable energy source. Despite new discoveries of oil reserves in Central Asia, the Middle East still has two-thirds of the world's oil reserves, and its oil is still ... flow of the world's most important energy resource--oil. Despite new discoveries of oil reserves in Central Asia, the Middle East still has two-thirds of the world's proven oil reserves, and its oil i ...

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Ephdrine Weight Loss Supplement: Proven to be Safe

huang, comes from the ephedra plant. Ephedra plants are most abundant around the desert regions of central Asia, but can be found worldwide. For more then 5,200 years ephedrine has been used in succe ... 1926 (Hobbs).Ephedrine is an amphetamine-like compounds used to control and stimulate the heart and central nervous system. The amphetamine-like compounds perform like any weight-loss product or presc ...

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Run Forest, Run.... Forest Gump

American University - Central AsiaAdvanced English Composition IIInstructor: Jake HuntingtonPaper_2"Run Forest,... Run"Lif ...

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Ancient Chinese Geography

, thousands of years passed before overland and sea routes to the West gradually connected China to Central Asia, India, and Europe. The Pacific Ocean to the east of China also prevented foreigners fr ...

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The Silk Road (100 BC - 500 CE)

city known as Kashgar. For this motive, the city became one of the most important trade centers in Central Asia.Silk was not the only product traded along the Silk Road. Although silk was most remark ... as a time when China and Mesopotamia were in complete unawareness of each other, being separated by Central Asia. These civilizations came in contact by a way of this overland trade route, the Silk Ro ...

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West Nile Virus: Deadly Foreign Disease

n North America.Encephalitis is the swelling of the brain. It is commonly found in Africa, West and Central Asia, and the Middle East. The first case in the Western Hemisphere was reported in 1999. It ...

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Afghan Soviet War

December 21, 2004. Afghanistan is a middle Eastern state located in the southwest region of central Asia. It's territory covers 252,830 square miles, an area roughly equal to France, Belgium, ... stance of the Afghan tribes. Six times they launched an offensive against Kabul and the area of the central plateau. Each time they were forced to withdraw, having suffered heavy casualties (Grau 7). ...

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An essay on the "Neanderthal Man"

Neanderthal was the name given to the prehistoric men who lived in Europe, and western and central Asia. They were discovered in 1856 in Neander Valley, near Düsseldorf, Germany and are ...

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In this essay on the "Han Dynasty" you will find out how it was established and the compariaon to other governments that have came into existence and fallen. Legalism is also discussed.

ation reached 50 million and the empire extended its political and cultural influence over Vietnam, Central Asia, Mongolia, and Korea before it finally collapsed under a mixture of domestic and extern ... ward as far as the rim of the Tarim Basin, making possible relatively secure caravan traffic across Central Asia. The paths of caravan traffic are often called the "Silk Road" because the route was us ...

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Buddhism was brought to China in the 1st century C.E. as the religion of merchants from Central Asia. During this period of near-constant political and military strife, Buddhism found a re ...

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