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Netscape Analysis Report

inal graphical World Wide Web browser, Mosaic, while he was at the University Of Illinois at Urbana/Champlain.        The Internet is a global network connecting thousands of network ...

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er, a Frenchman, explored Quebec and the Saint Lawrence Region in 1535. In 1608, another Frenchman, Champlain, founded the first permanent French settlement and trading post, calling it Quebec.The Eng ... ge stores and some factories. The Notre Dame des Victoires Church, built in 1688, is on the site of Champlain's first settlement. The Upper Town is the residential section. Most of the churches, publi ...

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Biography on Samuel Champlain.

Samuel Champlain(1567? -1635)Called the "Father of New France"Samuel du Champlain founded Quebec, the first ... da as far west as Lake Huron and also discovered the lake in New York that bears his name.Samuel du Champlain was born in 1567 in Brouage, a small French seaport on the Bay of Biscay. Little is known ... rt on the Bay of Biscay. Little is known of Champlain's family background. However it is known that Champlain learned the ways of the sea from his uncle. His father was a sea captain, and young Samuel ...

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If Canadian Government spent more time helping the country become bilingual, The October Crisis would never had happened.

Québec's unique culture can only be found within the province's geographical boundaries; Champlain founded these in 1608, precisely four centuries ago. This long routed heritage is cultural ...

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