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felt asif I had two angels watching over me.During my ninth grade year, I put the pin on my Fremont cheerleading jacket.Sadly, during the middle of the year, I lost the pin. I was very angry at myself ...

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Cheer: more then just a game.

Cheer:More then just a gameWhen you think of the word cheerleading, I can only guess what your mindcomes up with. Maybe your thinking of ditzy girls with ... art, attitude andpride (just to mention a few qualities), well you are right! There is a lot more tocheerleading then meets the eye. I want you to know that cheerleading is a sport, and formost, the s ... he eye. I want you to know that cheerleading is a sport, and formost, the stereotypes are all wrong.Cheerleading is a sport, and even though you may have heard this in a movie, weare not just "dancers ...

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Cheerleader (What activity or program is most meaningful to you and explain your reasons sor involvemnet.)

han about her team winning the game. Yet, some cannot imagine her breaking a sweat because to them, cheerleading is not a sport. However, contrary to what many perceive it to be, cheerleading aids in ... are reliable enough to pick the other up when one falls.Besides teaching leadership and commitment, cheerleading strongest impact is on the cheerleader's character. When she walks out in front of a cr ...

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"Anorexia Nervosa"

they deny they have a problem.My friend's condition started in the sixth grade. She had just joined cheerleading and was extremely ecstatic. However, she felt she was not skinny enough to become a fly ... friend was abused mentally by her father for years when she was younger. She blames her disease on cheerleading, but I know that when she talks about her father or men in general, she gets self consc ...

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College essay

gest gymnasium I had ever been in. It was June 2000 and I was about to try-out for my high school's cheerleading squad. Still in the eighth grade, I had no idea what a cheerleading squad was about, no ... skirt, much less become a cheerleader. I never expected to develop a genuine passion for the art of cheerleading. My uniform became my costume and my booming voice defined my character; cheerleading s ...

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Write a paper explaining the benefits of Title IX Legislation in the United States since 1972; be sure to cite specific examples and statistics.

g field and in the office--has been immeasurable. Without this law, women might still be limited to cheerleading for the boys' football teams and watching basketball from the bleachers. Instead, thank ...

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Feminism and Cheerleading

raising kids are out. And having a career is a must. Wear the pants! Pink skirts are totally lame. Cheerleading? Don't even think about it!But I am really a feminist. I am also a mini-skirt wearing, ... d a whole bunch of aching muscles. Now tell me, Am I an athlete or not?Now, to those who think that cheerleading projects a negative image to women, because of our stay on the sidelines and our existe ...

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Cheerleading: Sport Fact or Fiction?

s on. When referring to cheerleaders, chances are you've probably heard them all. You may imagine a cheerleading member is not too bright, and more concerned about what shade of red lipstick to wear t ... and more concerned about what shade of red lipstick to wear than world events. Most people think of cheerleading squads as a social club of good-looking girls who wouldn't give the average Joe the tim ...

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The Soundtrack of "American Beauty"

movie. One memorable scene in which the score was used was when Lester was focused on Angela at the cheerleading show. Here we listen to the beating of a drum that is reminiscent of a tribal drum with ...

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Is NASCAR a sport?

the following responses:NOSure. It's a Non Athletic Sport Centered Around RednecksIt's like saying Cheerleading, bowling and golf is a sport--what a lie! Bowling and golf only consists of skills, and ...

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Gender Bias in the classroom

ports that are unacceptable for girls. The females are feminine, obedient, and join dance teams and cheerleading. Throughout school girls cheers the guys on in sports much like in careers when a woman ...

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Satire on Cheerleading

of this team are great. So, why doesn't everyone start failing and throwing up their food? Being a cheerleading is an instant access key to popularity. I mean, who doesn't like cheerleaders? Their ea ... stupid so you can walk all over them, and they have good bodies because they don't eat.Think again. Cheerleading has evolved over the years from an extra-curricular activity with the purpose of motiva ...

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"Take the hint!" they say, "and leave us alone, We don't want you so leave and go back home!" Cheerleading and partying are her game, She's and a hundred other names.The actress, dramatic and ...

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e same thought kept racing through my mind. "My ankle's broke and now I'm done with football and my cheerleading career is shot." I went to school the following Monday, not having seen a doctor. ... nkle was starting to get better, but I was still unable to run on it or do any kind of tumbling for cheerleading. This started to strike fear into my mind, for without being able to tumble, I would no ...

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"Cheering: A Sport Or An Activity?"

Cheerleading: A Sport or An Activity? Should cheerleading be considered a sport? In order to answer ... ion of a sport. A sport is defined as a physical activity or an athletic game. So does this include cheerleading? Based upon the definition, cheerleading is a sport.There are various types of sports. ... nts to determine a winner. Since these other competitive sports are part of our TCIS conference and cheerleading is included in this conference, it has to be a sport.A cheerleading competition is when ...

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n only child; As a child I have been involved in many extra curricular actives such as girl scouts, cheerleading, and little league baseball; I have traveled to many different states; I have been to F ...

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Most girls dream about becoming part of a cheerleading squad.

Most girls dream about becoming part of a cheerleading squad. Cheerleading always looks like so much fun. You see the cheers at games and the ... e makes perfect. That's for sure when it comes to stunting, it's one of the most difficult parts of cheerleading. Having girls fall from the air is not something fun. If they are not thrown right they ... ders are not like that at all. We are here to win and to have fun. All of those judgments are false.Cheerleading is more than what most people think. It takes a lot of practice and effort. But most of ...

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Future Plans College Essay

bility to organize groups and participate with a wide range of people. Not only have I captained my cheerleading squad this year (another opportunity I had to seek out), but I have worked with several ... o kids with cancer and shelter for battered women, respectively. I have organized and coached youth cheerleading teams, led youth groups, run church programs, and sought out volunteer job opportunitie ...

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Respect the Sport: Are cheerleaders participating in a physically demanding athletic sport or an extracurricular activity just for fun? THE OLDEST DEBATE IN SPORTS...

Along with the word cheerleading comes an image of a very skinny girl in an uncomfortably short, pleaded skirt with a bi ... siasm as she shouts loud words of encouragement such as "fire up" or "lets go." Some would say that cheerleading is a corny activity and that its purpose is cheering boys to victory. These people woul ... purpose is cheering boys to victory. These people would agree that without football and basketball, cheerleading would not exist. Others support and respect cheerleading as a sport and see it as a ver ...

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friends, and a new house that was not the one I was born and raised in.In high school I joined the cheerleading team as a freshman and made the Varsity Squad. Cheerleading has been a part of my every ...

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