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Independent Study Assignment Chemistry (SCHOA1)

Identify the following organic compounds:1: Hydrocarbons.Hydrocarbons are chemical compounds of hydrogen and carbon; also called an organic compound. Hydrogen and carbon atom ... are usually more reactive than paraffins and naphthenes, and are thus prime starting materials for chemical synthesis. Other types of hydrocarbons are formed during the petroleum refining process. Im ... and cannot combine with the atoms of other elements without giving up hydrogen. Saturates are more chemically stable than unsaturated hydrocarbons.Straight-chain structures are "normal paraffins", br ...

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This is about weapons of mass destruction including anthrax etc...

Weapons of Mass DestructionChemical and Biological Warfare, use of harmful or deadly chemical or biological agents as weapons o ... s weapons of war. These agents can kill many people and are considered weapons of mass destruction. Chemical weapons are made up of poisonous chemical compounds, whereas biological weapons are living ... al compounds, whereas biological weapons are living microorganisms. Toxin weapons contain poisonous chemical products of living organisms and are sometimes classified separately. Chemical and biologic ...

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Detailed description on the Element Iridium.

exceeded only by that of osmium, which is a fraction of one percent denser. it is extremely inhert chemically resisting even the action of aqua regia (q.v.) in its chemical compounds it forms divalen ...

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DNA: an overview.

double helix, or two spiral staircases wrapped around each other. These two chains are composed of chemical compounds, which are called nucleotides. Each nucleotide has three parts; a sugar molecule ...

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Joseph Priestley Biography

teachings. His contributions include the invention of carbonation, the identification of eight key chemical compounds, and a vast array of writings on subjects ranging from electricity, to politics, ... n, a colloquium was held to honor his achievement. This meeting led to the founding of the American Chemical Society. Science owes a debt to Priestley's life-long workOn February 3, 1804, Priestley be ...

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These are notes from Abnormal Psychology Class. The notes and definitions would help anyone taking this or a similar class, or even general psychology. Lots of definitions here.

g (residency) in which he has received supervision in diagnoses and psychotherapy.Psychoactive drugsChemical compounds that can change how people feel and think.PsychoanalystSpecially trained at a psy ... mall gap between the terminal endings of the sending axon and the receiving neuronsNeurotransmittersChemical substances that are important in transferring a nerve impulse from one neuron to another. F ...

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Serendipity as a minor facet of human science

e much can be predicted whereas the latter cannot be predicted since every person varies (certainly chemical compounds do not have emotions that are hard to be forecasted). However, that does not mean ...

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"Warning: The Hydrogen Economy May Be More Distant Than It Appears" by Alexander Schmit.

erse, hydrogen is available anywhere, but it is not ready for common use. It must be extracted from chemical compounds such as water. At this point in time it takes as much energy to extract hydrogen, ... hrough electrolysis, the process in which an electric current flowing through a water solution of a chemical breaks that compound up into its component parts, does release carbon dioxide into the atmo ...

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oduction process which takes out extra fatty acids and turns the oil into esters, which are certain chemical compounds. After this process, the biodiesel acts very much like petroleum diesel, but with ...

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Chemistry Project: Acids and Bases & the pH Scale

Acids and Bases are two groups of chemical compounds that generally have oppositecharacteristics. They have there own unique traits, a ... eory of electrolyticdissociation. This theory implies that in electrolytic solutions, the dissolved chemicalcompounds in the solution are dissociated into ions, even when there is no currentflowing th ... n the measurement of pH.Our body pH is very important because pH controls the speed of our body'sbiochemical reactions. pH is behind the body's energy system and intracellular activity aswell as the w ...

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Margarine and chemistry

. This article mainly discusses the role of chemistry in the formation of margarine and how several chemical compounds such as addictives contribute to its taste.What is margarine in this case? In che ... ry similar to butter, so what exactly contributes to the taste of margarine? Here comes the role of chemical compounds. The three key molecules that have been identified as being particularly importan ...

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Medical Marijuana - Legalize

ruity Juice, Afghani, and a number of Skink Varieties. Smoked marijuana contains over 400 different chemical compounds. One of those compounds is called cellulose. Cellulose is the stiff, starchy mate ... hat gives plant stems their rigidity. Another compound found in marijuana is chlorophyll. It is the chemical that allows the plant to convert sunlight into energy needed for growth. The main active ch ...

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Air pollution

els, natural gas, coal, and oil to power industrial processes and motor vehicles. Among the harmful chemical compounds this burning puts into the atmosphere are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrog ... g pollutants in vehicle exhaust, increased 690 percent. When fuels are incompletely burned, various chemicals called volatile organic chemicals also enter the air. Pollutants also come from other sour ...

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Oils and the Human Body

utilized by the body for metabolic functioning. Fatty acids are a simple form of lipids. Lipids are chemical compounds that do not readily dissolve in water, but dissolve in organic solvents. Common l ...

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Genotoxic Agents: Heavy Metals

c agents, according to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, these are "chemical compound[s] that [are] not produced by living organisms"�, this means that they are ... living organisms"�, this means that they are artificially produced by the man. Some of these chemical compounds are harmful to the living organisms and may highly alter or damage their DNA stru ...

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Seperating cyclohexane and toluene by distillation understanding perceptual sets

ation efficiencies will be compared. The student should have knowledge of how to measure volumes of chemical compounds. In addition, the student should know how to make a bent-tip pasture pipette for ...

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Fuel fundamentals

Most fuels are hydrocarbons, that is, chemical compounds made up only of hydrogen and carbon. Hydrocarbons are part of the larger family o ... In the table bellow we can see the different sources of the fuels.Fig 4 fuel sourcesCombustion is a chemical reactionIn a chemical reaction, molecules are broken up and their atoms are rearranged to f ...

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Atomic Theory Research Paper

of any other element. 3. Atoms cannot be created, divided into smaller pieces, or destroyed in the chemical process. 4. Atoms of one element can combine with atoms of other elements to form chemical ... indestructible particles. Also in his model, he states that each atom has a certain size, mass, and chemical behavior. Unfortunately, John Dalton made a mistake in rationalizing the many laws of chemi ...

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