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What you need to know about HYDROGEN.

Hydrogen is a tasteless, odourless, colourless gas and is one of the most important chemical elements. The hydrogen atom is simple and the smallest atom. Hydrogen consists of 1 proton, ... n, which has a positive charge, and 1 electron, which has a negative charge as well. Hydrogen has a chemical symbol H. Its atomic number is 1. Its atomic weight is 1.0079. The term hydrogen comes from ... nt of the crust's weight, ranking ninth among the elements. Most of hydrogen is combined with other chemical elements, as in water. But pockets of pure hydrogen gas can collect in underground mines an ...

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Glenn Seaborg

Glenn Seaborg was an American chemist and was known for his discovery of new chemical elements. He was born in Ishpeming, Michigan and went to the University of California. He w ... it was discovered. In 1997 the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry announced that the chemical element with atomic number 106 would be given the name seaborgium (Sg) in his honor.

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The Andromeda Galaxy.

laxies. Andromeda closely resembles the Milky Way in shape (spiral), structure, and distribution of chemical elements. But that is where their similarities end, for Andromeda dwarfs the Milky Way and ...

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the use of fertilizers in farming a good idea ?Definition: A fertiliser is any substance containing chemical elements needed for plant growthIn recent years fertilisers get more and more important for ...

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a meter, or about 1/25,400,000 inch. Atoms form the building blocks of the simplest substances, the chemical elements. That is why they are considered the basic building blocks of matter. The elements ...

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Alternative Fuel

of this problem would be probably the most common thing in our life - WATER. Water consists of two chemical elements, hydrogen and oxygen. Each molecule of water consists of two hydrogen (H2) atoms a ... gen and oxygen. Each molecule of water consists of two hydrogen (H2) atoms and one oxygen (O) atom. Chemical binding between these three atoms is very stable and strong. Therefore, the reaction of hyd ...

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The Cycling of Chemical Elements In The Ecosystem

THE CYCLING OF CHEMICAL ELEMENTS IN THE ECOSYSTEMIn the water cycle, energy is supplied by the sun, which drives ev ... the water mixes with phosphorus and carbon and when a plant's roots take in the water, it takes the chemicals with it. The water evaporates but the chemicals are left behind in the plant. From there, ... ut the chemicals are left behind in the plant. From there, the plant will either die and return the chemicals to the soil or it will get eaten and the animal will get those chemicals from the plant.

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Biochemistry: Fertilizers

ned as "any material, organic or inorganic, natural or synthetic, which supplies one or more of the chemical elements required for the plant growth". The cheapest and most common fertilizer would be m ... n fertilizer would be manure. Manure, or faces, is a natural fertilizer. It is a mixture of complex chemicals. Many of these contain the element nitrogen. The complex chemicals act as food for decompo ...

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Toxic waste

em is today, completely crammed with filth and toxic waste. Toxic waste is waste material, often in chemical form, which can cause death or injury to living creatures. The term is often used interchan ... tes, pesticides, heavy metals.Radioactive or nuclear waste is waste material containing radioactive chemical elements which does not have a practical purpose. It is often the product of a nuclear proc ...

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AP Biology Chapter 2 Outline

The Chemical Context of LifeI. Chemical Elements and CompoundsA. Matter consists of chemical elements in ... space and has mass.2. An element is a substance that cannot be broken down into other substances by chemical reactions.a. Every element has its own symbol.b. There are 92 naturally occurring elements. ... o.a. A compound has characteristics beyond those of its combined elements.B. Life requires about 25 chemical elements.1. The four main elements known to be essential to life are carbon, oxygen, hydrog ...

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The Periodic Table of Elements

The periodic table of elements is a method of displaying the chemical elements in a table. It was first devised in 1869 by the Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev. ... because new elements are being discovered and new theoretical models have been developed to explain chemical behavior. Various different layouts are possible, however, the most common forms are still ... an extremely useful framework to classify, systematize and compare all the many different forms of chemical behavior. Earlier attempts to list the elements had usually put them in order of atomic mas ...

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Carbon Family

the ancients, and its discoverer is unknown. Carbon is used for steel and filters. (Bentor, Yinon. Chemical Elements. com-Carbon.) Silicon, meaning "flint", is the second most abundant chemi ... on Berzelius discovered silicon in 1823. It is used for glass and semi- conductors. (Bentor, Yinon. Chemical Germanium, like silicon, is used in semi-conductors. Unlike ...

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e perpetual flame of life was kindled on earth about 4 billion years ago. The right combinations of chemical elements were slowly formed under ideal conditions in that vast laboratory known as the sea ... these enormous molecules developed lifelike properties, such as the ability to duplicate their own chemical constituents down to the last atom and to produce other chemicals (R. Rugh, L. Shettles, &a ...

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in ore benefaction Alloy : A substance having metallic properties and being composed of two or more chemical elements of which at least one is an element of metal Amalgamation : The production of an a ... morphism : The name given the phenomenon where two ro more minerals which are very similar in their chemical properties, crystallize in class of the same system of symmetry -J- Jigs : Devices which se ...

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The Atomic Theory

emist, named Mendeleyev who a renowned teacher developed, the periodic law of the properties of the chemical elements (which states that elements show a regular pattern when they are arranged accordin ...

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Why 2

, "gas giant" type of planets. A reason for that could be, for example, that both share some mutual chemical elements. Does that mean that same theory should apply to prediction of man's movement as t ... An apple is green because it is a Granny Smith apple, and quite doubtfully anyone would go into the chemical components causing the green color of the apple's skin, unless asked about it. Demonstratio ...

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