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Pythagroas triples.

My formulas are1.2n + 12.2n2 + 2n3.2n2 + 2n + 14.4n2 + 6n + 25.2n3 + 3n2 + nTo get these formulas I did ... ing1.Take side 'a' for the first five terms 3, 5, 7, 9, 11. From these numbers you can see that the formula is 2n + 1 because these are consecutive odd numbers (2n + 1 is the general formula for conse ... odd numbers (2n + 1 is the general formula for consecutive odd numbers) You may be able to see the formula if you draw a graph2.From looking at my table of results, I noticed that 'an + n = b'. So I ...

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Synthesis of Asprin

. Relatively pure white crystals of Aspirin were obtained. The purity was tested with melting range.CHEMICALS USED:ACETYLSALICYLIC ACID (ASPIRIN):Molecular Formula: C9H8O4Molecular Weight: 180.154Melt ...

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Everything About Organic Compounds

:o A common functional group (a distinguishing group of atoms that possess typical chemical and physical properties of that family)o A common general formulao ... of that family)o A common general formulao Similar structures and chemical propertieso Trends in their physical properties, as the weight of the mole ...

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Chemistry 10 Notes on Naming Compounds and Types of Chemical Reactions.

always on the leftMost left on the periodic table goes on the left (positive charge on left)Writing Chemical FormulaWriting Compound NameJust write the name of the elementsLast element takes 'ide'Roma ... Nitrogen DioxideCO = Carbon MonoxideN2O4 = Dinitrogen TetroxideSi2I6 = Disilicon HexaiodideWriting Chemical FormulaCompound must have charges that 'equal' outHydratesSome Ionic compounds that attract ...

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Superscripts and Subscripts.

consisting of two or more terms by a single term or expression would look like this: (5b2c+2d)(3bd).Chemical Compounds in Chemistry - Subscripts:In chemistry, chemical compounds have common names and ... ical compounds have common names and are also represented by a formula. Many of the common names of chemical compounds are so familiar to us, yet the compound name sounds so scientific. For example, w ...

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Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide, written with the chemical formula CO, occurs as a gas found naturally in the atmosphere as well as created by man. It ... ecomes a pollutant. Much like OH radicals, tropospheric ozone is a greenhouse gas and initiates the chemical removal of methane and other hydrocarbons from the atmosphere. The series of reactions that ... and other buildings, with CO being a fairly common and extremely poisonous gas. One type are electrochemical sensor detectors. This type of sensor is extremely sensitive to detecting CO in the home. T ...

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Alkanes & Alkenes

erties:The chemistry of carbon compounds is called organic chemistry. There are millions of organic chemicals, but they can be divided into groups called homologous series. All members of a particular ... divided into groups called homologous series. All members of a particular series will have similar chemical properties and can be represented by a general formula.The alkane series is the simplest ho ...

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Organic chemistry: Introducton to Isomerism

olecular formulae, but different structures. These differences tend to give the molecules different chemical and physical properties. There are three types of structural isomerism that you need to be ... ery different physical properties, such as different melting points, but they tend to have the same chemical properties. Optical isomers have the same chemical and physical properties, except that one ...

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A study of 'Compound Interest'. What it is, how it works, and what advantages and disadvantages it has.

Compound Interest- What is Compound Interest?- How does it work?- Different Formulas- At are the advantages and disadvantages of Compound Interest?- What does Compound Interest ... riginal $100. 4% of $100.00 is 4, because [4/100= 0.04, 100%= 4(amount/total*100%)] That is an easy formula for finding a percentage of something. Therefore, his interest amount ($4.00) was just added ... a collected amount of $153.95!!! He was mystified!There are many some simple and some not so simple formulas connected together with compound interest. These formulas make it a lot quicker and easier ...

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Organic Chemistry

it's boiling and melting point will be and the opposite goes for larger molecules.4. One Molecular Formula Represents Various Organic Compounds: since atoms can rearrange themselves in lots of ways, ... ounds: since atoms can rearrange themselves in lots of ways, many different compounds have the same formula. E.g. C20H42 has 366 319 different compounds. Different compounds that share the same formul ...

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Is people's health the price for high-tech progress?

e I get interested to know more about this substance, so I started doing some online searching. The chemical compound trichloroethylene is a chlorinated hydrocarbon commonly used as an industrial solv ... liquid with a sweet smell. In industry, it is informally referred to by the abbreviations TCE. The chemical formula of Trichloroethylene is CICH=CCL2, with the molecular formula C2HCl3. The appearanc ...

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Adolf F.J. Butenandt isolated testosterone from male urine and thus was able to determine the exact chemical formula of the hormone. This hormone was synthesized in 1935 by Leopold Ruzika, a chemist i ...

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Lab Report on Cell viability

at calcein works only for living cells, if the cells are dead, then Calcein would be of no use. The chemical formula for Calcein is given below:Purpose of ExperimentThe main purpose of this experiment ... as to identify the number of cells present in a tissue. This experiment showed the use of different chemicals such as Calcein, PBS, and RPMI media.Material &MethodsMaterial which I used in the pro ...

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L and D methamphetamine

of isomer; structural isomers and stereoisomers. Structural isomers do not have similar physical or chemical properties, but have same molecular formulas. Stereoisomers have the same molecular formula ... somers, or enantiomers, are mirror images that aren't superimposable. (Appendix B) The physical and chemical properties differ. (Appendix C) To be considered an optical isomer, a compound must have fo ...

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