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Describes and compares and contrasts the 1969 camaro and 1969 mustang

Mustang vs. CamaroWith the year 1969 came a line of powerful, gas-guzzlin' muscle cars that tore up the street w ... le cars that tore up the street while turning many heads. Back then, the Ford Mustang and the Chevy Camaro, the two supreme cars of the time, found their ways into the hearts of thousands of people. T ... e time, found their ways into the hearts of thousands of people. The Mustang cost $2,500, while the Camaro cost $3,500. The similar elements of the Mustang and Camaro set them apart from other cars, b ...

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The Run

ights lined the desolate highway behind me. A drug dealer they thought, maybe. I drove a dirty 1984 Camaro. I suppose I would look like a drug dealer. But I'm not; I don't even have anything illegal i ...

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Ford Vs Chevy

tween the years 1987-1992 there were two serious competitors on the street, Ford Mustangs and Chevy Camaros. There are many positive design concepts of both cars,but the mustang has a tradition of rul ... hocks mount horizontally so that if the rear- end trys to twist the quad shock will not let it. The Camaro, unlike its competitor, does not have quad shock. In fact, a Camero doesn't even have 4 contr ...

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Things For Sale

1987 Chevy Camaro Runs Good New Paint , Interior redone. 350 motor with rv cam 600 eldebrock, automatic, Powers ... ont end work.asking 2,500. 816-926-9537 William Peak Kansas City, MO USA - Thursday, November 1' 86 Camaro RS Needs new front end and a paint job. Interior in good condition. Runs good. I've only had ... ross, Ga USA - Saturday, November 10, 2001 at 14:03:00 (EST) 5, 2001 at 21:33:10 (EST FOR SALE 1987 Camaro, white,six cylinder, auto-matic, cruise control, air conditioning, front end redone in 2001, ...

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Chevrolet Domination In The Twentieth Century

Running head: CHEVROLET DOMINATION Chevrolet Domination in the Twentieth Century Chevrolet Domination in the Twent ... e ride buses. Let?s focus on the ones who drive their own vehicles. Chances are they drive either a Chevrolet or a Ford, those two being the dominant auto makers in the United States. What better vehi ... those two being the dominant auto makers in the United States. What better vehicle to drive than a Chevrolet? Chevrolet is one of the best automobile manufacturers in the United States, because Chevr ...

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1976 CHEVROLET 1/2 TON, This pickup has had 2' taken out of topsteel c $7,995 1955 RAMBLER AMERICAN SUPER ... uri,but $10,500 1962 WESTFIELD Seight, Price Reduced!! This rare and beautiful, one ow $28,500 1988 CHEVROLET 1500, OBO,TRADE, Mild custom,steel rollpan, lowered 3" $16,500 1978 CHEVROLET Corvette, 19 ... Excellent $22,500 1973 MERCEDES BENZ 280,Excellent condition. All original. Very classe $7,000 1968 CHEVROLET CAMARO RS/SS, Very streetable, or allout race, only wei $15,000 1963 FORD GALAXIE 500, Fra ...

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Compare and Contrast Mac vs PCs

can upgrade is the Ram and Hard drive. Macs are like the BMW of computers and PCs are like a Chevy Camaro. Macs only have certain programs that will work with Macs and not PCs.A typical good PC will ... uld you buy if money were not an issue? Would you buy the BMW of computers or would you buy a Chevy Camaro? These are questions you have to ask yourself before you buy anything at all. If you spend mo ...

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