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Mao Zedong and him as a leader

he Communists cadres and its own evils. Out of the vacuum created by the fall of the republic under Chiang Kai-shek, emerged the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), with a young visionary at its head: Mao ... several negative effects on China. For one, the Communists forces were forced to sustain deaths as Chiang's forces hounded them across the country. However, through the Long March, Mao proved himself ...

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A comparitive essay on how George Orwell warned us of the Tiananmen Square uprising.

glorious revolution, but more evil came out of it than good. Mao Zedong assumed power in replace of Chiang Kaishek, leader of the Nationalist party. One by one cities in China fell to the PLA, the Peo ...

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Why the communists won the Chinese Civil War.

e People's Republic of China in the Autumn of 1949 following five years of bloody civil war against Chiang Kaishek's nationalist government the Kuomintang. In trying to understand why the Communists w ... following the split of the coalition and as a response to the near decimation of the communists by Chiang Kaishek's army in 1927. The strategy required a revolutionary army, and in light of the far s ...

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The continuing foreign control over much of china, and ever-increasing influence of Japan doomed china for a state of political and social destress from 1911 to communist victory of 1914

n, as well as the selfish betrayal of the Republics well being by political leaders Yuan Shikai and Chiang Kaishek lead to a testing time for the Country.Thanks to strong military backup, Yuan was off ... ion. Many Chinese students studying in Japan returned home and people refused to buy Japanese goods.Chiang Kai Sherk lead Guomindang to defeat the Communist party and stopped the influence of the Warl ...

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Why were Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party able to gain control of China in the years 1937-49?

(CCP) were able to gain control because of many reasons. Almost all the Chinese people living under Chiang Kaishek's rule weren't happy because of high taxes, accusations and chaotic life. Many people ... liked the interest free loans and rents were reduced.CCP popularity was growing because people felt Chiang Kaishek was doing a good job because he was ignoring Japanese invasion and was battling again ...

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China: Why were the communists successful in taking control of China from the Guomindang [Nationalists] by 1949?

the CCP and the KMT were united in efforts to unify China, and defeat the warlords. However in 1927 Chiang Kai-shek, the KMT leader, decided that the Communists were a threat to National unity. He ord ... the ideals of the KMT. Even while Japan sat on China's northern borders, an army poised to invade; Chiang sent his forces to assail the CCP in the south. Chiang was determined to destroy the Communis ...

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Why the Chinese Nationalist Party lost the Chinese Civil War.

When researching these questions it becomes blatantly obvious that the Guomindang government led by Chiang Kai-Shek was riddled with problems and they are very much the cause of their own downfall. Wi ... he Guomindang faced insurmountable problems prior to the Civil War, stating that "the government of Chiang Kai-Shek was built on quicksand and clay. How can it stand? Is it any wonder that it fell lik ...

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Chinese Revolution In Brief

the Nationalist party. In 1923, Yat-sen got support from the Soviet Union and a young officer named Chiang Kai-shek. The combined forces rapidly grew in strength, and three years after Sun Yat-sen's d ... they tried to take over the Nationalist party with gruesome results. When the Communists attacked, Chiang Kai-shek and his army killed over 6,000 communists in the city of Guangzhou. With the Nationa ...

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Analyses of the factors that led to the rise of the communist party in China.

society set up the Chinese Communist Party in 1921.In 1925, Sun Yat-sen passed away, and his nephew Chiang Kaishek became commander in chief of the new Kuomintang army. In alliance with the CCP, the a ... n't been prevalent, perhaps communist ideas would not have spread across China at this time.In 1927 Chiang decided that the communists were growing too powerful. He had conquered all of south China, a ...

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