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Red Scare. The communis hysteria in the US during the 1950s.

One evening in 1950 a Houston couple entered a Chinese restaurant. The woman, a radio writer, wanted the proprietor's help in producing a program o ...

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The start of Chinese capitalism and its early demise.

Many people would agree that the Song dynasty was probably the weakest dynasty in Chinese history. The Song dynasty was the first to let the entire Chinese territory to be taken over ... case, Mongols. "The weak Song" was the term that most people use to refer to this period of time in Chinese history. (Roberts, 241) For the majority of time, Song dynasty only had control over half of ... For the majority of time, Song dynasty only had control over half of China. This was very rare for Chinese dynasties; this is only comparable to the East Jin dynasty which did not last too long. But ...

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China's Culture Revolution.

Revolution, which takes place from May 1966 to October 1976, is one of the most turbulent times in Chinese history. The consequence and damage of this event is so large, it is beyond normal calculati ... d that an estimated one million people was killed during the Culture revolution (Meisner, 354). The Chinese Communist Party openly admitted it was a mistake after Deng XiaoPing came to power. The Cult ...

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Women's Role in Chinese History.

Women's Role in Chinese HistoryTraditionally, Chinese women were limited to a relatively small role in society. Wome ... arious old proverbs belittling the status and ability of women became the root of mentality for the Chinese society. 'The absence of talent in a woman is a virtue' induces Chinese families to keep the ... and competition was soon eliminated.This state of equality did not last long. Without competition, Chinese workers were not motivated to work. Also, since everything was evenly divided, the Chinese p ...

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Dynastic Chinese History Paintings & Ceramics.

During the Song period of Dynastic Chinese history the major styles are found within the Northern Song paintings, Southern Song paintin ... ultivation. Landscape became a vehicle for conveying human emotions. Landscapes display the general Chinese desire to avoid direct depiction of the human condition and to show things instead in a symb ... The choice of landscape of the chief means of expression was the second great shift in the focus of Chinese art.One of the great masters of Song landscape created "Travelers among Mountains and Stream ...

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Sun Yat-Sen: Father of the Chinese Republic.

"SUN YAT-SEN: 'THE FATHER OF THE CHINESE REPUBLIC'"Known to millions of people as "the Father of the Chinese Republic," Sun Yat-Sen h ... the most radical and diverse political parties. Although Sun was such an extraordinary influence on Chinese history, he actually spent much of his life in exile, and many of his plans of revolt were u ... the province of GuangZhou, not far from Macau and Hong Kong. He received a few years of traditional Chinese education at a local school and at age thirteen, moved to Hawaii, where his older brother ha ...

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Age of Scholarship.

the Period of the Warring States, in the late centuries of the Zhou dynasty. Three school came upon Chinese history that tried to influence their ideas to the government. they were: Confucianism, Daoi ... deas to the government. they were: Confucianism, Daoism(Taoism), Legalism.Confucianism comes from a chinese thinker named Kong Fuzi "Master Philosopher Kong". Confucius believed that the best way to p ...

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Extremely Brief History of China

We know very little of ancient Chinese dynasties. The very first of these are considered to be Xia (c. 2200 - c. 1750 BC), Shang (c ... that emperor died came the Han era (206BC - 220AD). The Han dynasty plays a very important role in Chinese history. They invented Chinese history as we know it today. They were the first to write it ... The first was one of the shortest lasing dynasties. The later, is considered one of the greatest in Chinese history. They extended the boundaries of China through Siberia in the North, Korea in the ea ...

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Not all think alike - Philosophers of China

f the greatest philosophers known in the history of china. He has influenced the past 2000 years of Chinese History and continues to do so today. Confucianism has been adopted by many native Chinese p ...

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Prostitution: 'One-woman brothels': How to deal with them?

However, although many agree that it is an age-old profession, with its roots deeply entrenched in Chinese history, our society still does not accept it as a morally upright and a normal occupation. ... k in one woman brothels are single mothers. They are typically around 30 to 40 years old and are of Chinese or Thai ethnicity. Their former occupations range from bar girls at nightclubs or attendants ...

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Chinese Views on Death and Dying Burial Techniques, Rituals and Beliefs of the Common Man

Chinese religion and strict cultural beliefs are inseparable from the death rites performed. Many di ... inseparable from the death rites performed. Many different names for death are scattered throughout Chinese history, including an ideogram that depicts a person kneeling in front of their ancestor's b ... eath rites are intricate and well thought out works on preparing one for the afterlife and rebirth. Chinese funeral rites have strict guidelines as to where the rites are to be performed, how the rite ...

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Buddhism And Taoism

ligion was established from this belief, and it can survive and flourish because of this belief. In Chinese history, Taoism and Buddhism are two great phiosophical and religious traditions along with ... hism, came to China from India around the second century of the common era, Together have shapedChinese life and thought for nearly twenty-five hundred years. One dominate concept in Taoism and Bu ...

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Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism

In this paper I would like to compare and contrast 3 doctrines in the Chinese tradition. In Chinese history, Taoism and Buddhism are two great philosophical and religious ... a from India around the second century of the Common Era. We can say that together they have shaped Chinese life and thought for nearly twenty-five hundred years.Eastern society is an enigma to many W ... Taoist principles are the basis of eastern thinking. Blending with Buddhism these doctrines shaped Chinese culture and traditions along Chinese social and political life. It may not be so evident tod ...

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At the beginning of the Chinese History

There were over thirty-eight dynasties from the Chinese History. I am going to talk about the beginning of the Chinese History. I think it was the m ... e, their routine of working and even the religion that they worshipped.At the very beginning of the Chinese History, it started at about sixteenth century B.C from the first dynasty Xia. And it is the ... for the elimination of diseases and illnesses."The last Shang ruler, a despot according to standard Chinese accounts, was overthrown by a chieftain of a frontier tribe called Zhou, which had settled i ...

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CONFUCIUS a Chinese philosopher, one of the most influential figures in Chinese history.According to tradition, ... les that had gathered around him. His fame as a man of learning and character and his reverence for Chinese ideals and customs soon spread through the principality of Lu.Confucius lived in the second ... o have compiled and edited, the Ch'un Ch'iu (Spring and Autumn Annals), is an annalistic account of Chinese history in the state of Lu from 722 to 481. He wished to be known as a transmitter rather th ...

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Comparison of the Tang and Song Dynasties.

In Chinese history there were many rulers and dynasties, some of them include the Tang and Song dynasti ... conquered a lot of territory. Vietnam, Tibet, and Korea are some of the places they conquered. The Chinese army forced these territories to become tributary states. They also rebuilt the bureaucracy ... he foreign trade flourished. The canals and waterways made it easier for other traders to reach the Chinese.The Song dynasty ruled for 319 years, a slightly longer time then the Tang. During the Song ...

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The Shang Dynasty of China.

ousands of archaeological findings have been found in and by the Yellow River valley. The cradle of Chinese civilization.The Shang Dynasty of China was the second hereditary dynasty in China. It laste ... he Shang Dynasty and made Bo his capital city.The Shang Dynasty was the second monarchical state in Chinese history. Tang, the founder of Shang, having drawn lessons from the ruin of the previous dyna ...

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Derk Bodde discusses the process of "euhemerization" and presents some anecdotes in which Confucius discusses ancient beings. Discuss this process and why these anecdotes are good examples.

One of the most interesting aspects of Chinese mythology is that the myths are often closely intertwined with actual Chinese history. The G ... defined euhemerization as the process of historical figures becomes accepted as gods over time. In Chinese mythology, the process is often the opposite. The gods and other supernatural beings found i ... ater, K'uei was viewed as a historical figure, from Confucius' famous discussions of ancient beings.Chinese mythology was often fragmented. The texts were unclear in terms of gender, number or tense. ...

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A research assesment on the GMD and the Chinese Civil War

n two political or military factions within a nation, to gain political control of that nation. The Chinese Civil War as a conflict between two political parties within China where many lives were tak ... tances that lead up to the civil war and these areas throughout the assignment will be covered. The Chinese Civil War also known as the Nationalist-Communist Civil War was a conflict based in China be ...

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How Does Behavior in Traditional Chinese Society Reflect Traditional Beliefs?

Behavior in traditional Chinese society reflects three main traditional Chinese ideological beliefs. These beliefs can expla ... e ideological beliefs. These beliefs can explain a lot about the actions and customs of traditional Chinese families. The beliefs being that, one, women are not equal to men, two, children should obey ... re their own, and three, people should follow the Confucian idea of the five relationships.Women in Chinese society are not seen as equals to their male counter parts. This is shown throughout Chinese ...

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