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ound membrane structures .Fungi are usually multicellular and their cell wall is usually made up of chitin. Fungi's mode of nutrition is absorption and they have no nervous system and locomotion.Most ...

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"Spiders": a mini-report for a high school biology class

keleton is made of cuticle, a material composed of a combination of protein and tough fibers called chitin. The cuticle forms thin layers stacked on top of one another, an arrangement that improves th ...

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Compare the structure and Function o the cnidocyte in Cnidarians to the colloblast in the Ctenophores.

atocyst is the actual stinging element. The undischarged nematocyst is a tiny capsule composed of a chitin-like material containing a coiled tubular filament that is continuous of the narrow end of th ...

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Polysaccharides: From Waste Products to Smart Materials

a day and they make up an important part of our Earth. Some common polysaccharides are: cellulose, chitin (in seafood), starch, alginate, hydroaluronic acid, chondritin sulfate, glycogen, xylan, pect ... e used as animal supplement and nutrient, because it can be digested by them and is highly fibrous. Chitin can be implemented in various medical resources, such as artificial skin, dental tape, degrad ...

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