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Lab project report on plant growth and water puritys effect on it.

an bottled water and tap water to test the growth and germination and growth of basil, parsley, and chives over a four-week period.Methods and Materials:The materials used for conducting the experimen ... nducting the experiment included the following: six terra cotta pots, 6 soil pellets, metric ruler, chives seeds, parsley seeds, basil seeds, tap water and Evian mineral water. First, I labeled each t ...

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This is an essay about medeival medicine

In medieval times, if the person had a broken arm, the physician would tie chives around the limb in hopes that this would take away the pain, or if a patient came in with pne ...

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In My Parent' Garden I am here in a jungle.

yme, mint, oregano, baptisia, holly hocks, iris, day lilies, liatrus, sage, globe thistle, rhubarb, chives, fox glove, and wild peas that flew in on a breeze. It smells as if I'm standing in the cente ...

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