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Fake Press Release Intro to PR.

. Green house gasses include Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Ozone, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Acids, CFC's (Chloro Fluro Carbon, most commonly found in aerosol cans) and Oxygen. These chemical gasses are in t ...

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About the antibiotic clindamycin

Clindamycin1) Chemical Name:* methyl 7-chloro-6,7,8-trideoxy-6-(1-methyl-trans-4-propyl-L-2-pyrrolidinecarboxamido)-1-thio-L-threo-α- ...

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all drugs will have a chemical name, a name that describe the structure, atom the drug has ex).2-chloro-10-(3-dimethylaminopropyphe-nothiazine) 2. generic name- adopted names council ) orga ...

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