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Covert Operation. A good paper on the CIA's involvement in Panamas' drug war

n the 1950's, the repression of domestic political dissent reached nearhysteria. In the process the CIA's covert operations, already in progress inEurope, expanded worldwide. By 1953, according to the ... aragua as examples. I had planned onwriting my paper on Manuel Noriega and his connections with the CIA butthe more I read into him I found the major topic outlying him was much moreinteresting. So wi ...

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This essay is an article about the CIA sponsored Contra group in Nicaragua.

g to? In this writers opinion yes. However a little known fact to most US citizens is the secretive CIA backed military operation in Nicaragua known as the Contras. The Contra group is currently based ... aragua known as the Contras. The Contra group is currently based in Honduras where they train under CIA supervision. From this base of operations they plan out raids through the countryside using guer ...

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The Dark Conspiracy Behind The CIA the early 1950ties into the mid 1960ties

uring the early 1950s and into the mid 1960s there were anumber of unusual activities involving the CIA, The CanadianGovernment, and the American Government. It was a conspiracy. Noone would ever gues ... rious death of one of the world's most famouspsychiatrists/doctor, and numerous investigations, The CIA endedup being the most dominant player and winner of this internationalyet mysterious case.Centr ...

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Film Review of The Manchurian Candidate

r of Johnny Iselin closely portrays Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, who, along with HUAC, the CIA, and the FBI blacklisted many notoriously leftist politicians and Hollywood peoples in an attemp ... many notoriously leftist politicians and Hollywood peoples in an attempt to contain communism. The CIA investigated the backgrounds of many former communist cardholders. Their policy was guilty until ...

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The overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz.

n signed the National Security Act. This enabled several Top Secret government agencies to form the CIA. One of the countries that posed a threat to the United States was Guatemala.The CIA's job was t ... of paramilitary operations against anygovernment deemed a threat to U.S. interests. In 1950, the socialist leaningJacobo Arbenz was elected President of Central America in Guatemala. SinceJacobo Arbe ...

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CIA: World of Secrets.

In light of the recent negative press surrounding the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) during the war in Iraq, conspiracy theories about the agency abound. To paraphrase Al Pacino's ... in The Recruit, failures always make the front page while the successes are never known. Still, the CIA has been on the front lines of American foreign policy for more than 50 years. They are the secr ... en Pearl Harbor was attacked in December 1941, and the country entered World War II, government officials realized that wars were won by those with the best information. New York attorney William J. D ...

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Essay: reaction to the book "Blowback," by Chalmers Johnson, dealing with U.S. operations in Okinawa,Japan as being inappropriate.

y of saying a nation reaps what it sows" (Johnson 17). Blowback is a term originally created by the CIA which is used to refer to incidences which occur as consequences to operations that are secret f ... stan, when our leaders were conveying such a different story. Everything that seems to be done, especially our vast amounts of arms sales to countries who don't need it, seems to be done for our benef ...

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Homeland Security.

us the government has added FBI counter-terrorist agents by 40%. If something is getting passed the CIA and FBI then there is nothing more you can do but fight back. Even there we are prepared with lo ... errorist activities then analyze the information in one location. They will be able to give all officials data about the suspected terrorists.But, what people need to realize is that there is only so ...

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Terrorism as an International Phenomenon

r discussing the effects of intelligence agencies around the world, with particular interest in the CIA, Mossad, and KGB. This paper will show the various results of failed missions on the internation ... the Cold-War-Era.It was then and there that the American Central Intelligence Agency, known as the CIA, and the Russian Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (Committee of State Security), known as th ...

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History of the Central Intelligence Agency

The purpose of the CIA is to gather information from around the world and use that information for national security. B ... gather information from around the world and use that information for national security. Before the CIA was created the United States had other ways or gathering intelligence information but they were ... or gathering intelligence information but they weren?t nearly as sophisticated as the way that the CIA gathers information. Due to a lack of national security in the United States the Japanese Royal ...

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olume Report that claims that Lee Harvey Oswald is the lone assassin - I do not agree with this.The CIA was one branch of the government that was definitely a big thorn in Kennedy's side, and he, a th ... that ignited the devastating fire! Crossfire by Jim Marrs (1989) explains that over fifteen-hundred CIA trained anti-Castro ex-patriots were sent to seize Cuba, and kill Castro. At the last moment, Pr ...

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Legality Control over one's behavior

es, and specifically in the United States, the OSS (Office of Strategic Services), precursor to the CIA, developed and perfected the "truth drug" or "truth serum". In 1955, under operation code name " ... fected the "truth drug" or "truth serum". In 1955, under operation code name "Midnight Climax," the CIA administered LSD to US citizen subjects unknowingly. This experiment was sanctioned under the M. ...

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Cambodia: killing fields

ent it was not a single-handed act; in fact the coup de'tat was largely planned and executed by the CIA and Sirik Matak, the prince's cousin. Sirik Matak's motives stemmed from his deep resentment tha ... re planning Prince Sihanouk's overthrow. Lon Nol had just been appointed as Prime Minister when the CIA sent word that if an overthrow were to take place the U.S. would offer full support (Sihanouk 42 ...

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gence Agency has remained on the front lines of American foreign policy for more than 50 years. The CIA's mission is to provide accurate and timely intelligence to the President and other leaders to p ... r leaders to prevent terrorism as well as to protect national security. Over the past few years the CIA has received some negative attention for both September 11th and the war in Iraq. While its fail ...

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Negative Case for Topic Resolved: The united states should establish a cabinet level position to oversee its entire intelligence community.

r do to laws that made privacy for Americans. In Congressional Reports though, it was said that the CIA and FBI each had information enough to take action, and even prevent the terrorist attacks. The ... acks. The problem was that no individual agency took the initiative to protect Americans. Also, the CIA assumed that any actions against the US would not occur on our homeland, but to overseas America ...

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Jonathan Pollard,American spy. why he is still in jail, about his case, includes thesis statement.

worked with foreign countries (including Israel)(Sered, 1). Pollard applied for a job in the CIA but was turned down because of occasional drug use in college. Officials thought Pollard had men ... rd came back with fine results, so he got back his job (Goldenberg, 8). He was offered a job on the CIA as an analyst for Naval Intelligence, so he took the job. Pollard was pro-Israel; therefore he m ...

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A Sample Country Address To Africa By Newly Elected Fictional President

eak of is actually not even human, it is a virus; a virus some say was even created. Created by the CIA to reduce the population in our country. Personally, I disbelieve this argument, because there i ...

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The Ethical and Legal Obligations of Accounting Reporting.

r decision making, planning, controlling resources and operations, evaluating performance, and financial reporting to regulatory authorities and the membership. Here in the United States we have three ... ed Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and Certified Internal Auditors (CIA). There are many qualifications and standards each accountant must adhere to. A CPA is licensed ...

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Battles of the Sandinistas and how US involvement helped neither side.

Contras, and slaughtered by the thousands.When Jimmy Carter was president in the middle 1970's the CIA had little reason to intervene, with the governments and various regimes of Central America. In ... vene, with the governments and various regimes of Central America. In fact, due to budget cuts, the CIA completely closed their main Central America station in El Salvador, the country historically ha ...

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Adjusting to Terrorism

later blind to see the impending attack of 9/11.The result saw negative factors in both the FBI and CIA Agencies counter terrorism efforts; under funding, under managing, poor cooperation and lack of ... er funding, under managing, poor cooperation and lack of communication between agencies.The FBI and CIA have a long history of miscommunication, and internal squabbles that have led to missed opportun ...

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